Cat Tunnel Sofa

Cat Tunnel Sofa

Comfortable sofa with integrated tunnel designed by Seungji Mun for people who love to spend time with their cats.

Your cat will be able to explore the tunnel while you rest on the sofa.

Cat Tunnel Sofa by Seungji Mun

Seungji Mun

Cat Couch

Cat Furniture

Cat Tunnel Couch

Cat Sofa

Cat Tunnel Couch by Seungji Mun

Cat Sofa by Seungji Mun

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  1. Ken

    hmmm, it is really creative but if cats shedding it definitely not an easy way to clean up the tunnel, especially your sofa.

  2. Betty

    The cats and I want this!

  3. Dominic

    The last thing my cats need are places to hide their ‘Cat Droppings’. Just the smell if they decide to piss in the tunnel! no thanks lol

  4. James

    I don’t think its very nice looking. I’m not the target for this piece here.

  5. Gert

    I think it could be a bit prettier BUT I love the concept and so would my cats.

  6. Mark

    Niiiiiice. Ha ha! Hard enough to find my cat at times. Does it come with a big plunger? Ha!

  7. DE

    where iz d cat ???

  8. Dustin

    This thing looks like it would fall to pieces if you tried to move it.

  9. Barrie G. Hall

    Love on the negative comments on this concept. I think it is an awesome idea and would work for ferrets as well. I litter train my animal. Plus I am sure as this is a concept piece it can be make with different covering as well as shapes, hell they have the how to pretty much here in the blog for you. Good work Seungji Mun.

  10. Sharyn

    I think my cat would love it! And I like the idea of giving him places to hide in that I actually know about.

  11. Sheri

    It’s ingenious! If it has bugs to be worked out so be it, it’s an awesome idea. Speaking as someone who lost a ferret when it was crushed in current couch, I would absolutely buy this!

  12. Susan Henn

    I love this couch. I have both cats and ferrets and they would think this couch was awsome.

  13. Caity

    I really love the idea! *____*
    But it doesn’t look very comfortable and I think it is difficult to clean… If those two things were corrected, I would totaly wanted this couch!!!


  14. Victor

    You should know, your cat wouldnt NEVER piss inthere if thats where he hangs out. In fact, is a cat thing not to piss inside “hiding places.” Not comfy would be my main issue against this couch.

  15. denise

    I think this is great! I have a spare room that Im going to be making into a cat playroom.. I think something like this would be perfect! I bet my little guys (and girl) would love to play on this.. The design could definitely be a little more contemporary and stylish but I love the concept..

  16. aida

    my cat would gave birth in that sofa.

  17. Larna

    cockroaches tunnel perhaps?

  18. Leah

    it looks a little bit uncomfortable because of the hard plastic, but if I had a room just for my cats with this in it they’d love it!! plus then they’d leave MY sofa alone!..

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