Creative and Unusual Keychain Designs

Creative and Unusual Keychain Designs

Unusual keychains and creative keychain designs from all over the world.

LEGO Brick Keychain

You can use the brick as a keychain or build it into your favorite creation. They fit with LEGO® brand bricks! [link]

LEGO Brick Keychain

LEGO Brick Keychain 2

Duff Beer Can Keychain [link]

Duff Beer Can Keychain

Nike Sneaker Keychains

Creative keychains based on some of the popular Nikes including the Nike 95 Air Max, the Nike Paris Dunk, the Nike Air Max 1, and the Nike Zoo York Dunk. [link]

Nike Sneaker Keychains

Heart Keychain [link]

Heart Keychain

RAM Keychain

Let your clients and friends know you mean business when it comes to computers. [link]

RAM Keychain

Recycled Computer Keyboard Keychains

Two versions are available: the ‘Go Home’ and the ‘Help Esc’ keychains. [link]

Recycled Computer Keyboard Keychains

Donut Keychains [link]

Donut Keychains

Enter Key Keychain

What better way to give your girlfriend a set of keys to your place than with the Enter key keychain? [link]

Enter Key Keychain

3MP Digital Camera Keychain

Operates as a still, video, and PC camera, its fixed focus lends providing up to 2560 x 2048 resolution in still mode, 320 x 240 frame rate for up to 100 seconds of footage in video mode, and 640 x 480 resolution for PC mode. [link]

3MP Digital Camera Keychain

LEGO Batman Figure Keychain [link]

LEGO Batman Figure Keychain

Apple Keychain [link]

Apple Keychain

50 BMG Bullet Keychain [link]

50 BMG Bullet Keychain

Circuitboard Keychain

A great gift idea for any computer geek! [link]

Circuitboard Keychain

Pocket Watch Keychain [link]

Pocket Watch Keychain

Star Wars Micro Lightsabers

Give Your Keychain The Force. [link]

Star Wars Micro Lightsabers Keychain

Coca-Cola Filled Bottle Key Chain [link]

Coca-Cola Filled Bottle Key Chain

Light Bulb Flashlight Keychain

Creative LED flashlight that looks like a regular light bulb. [link]

Light Bulb Flashlight Keychain

Tennis Ball Keychain

Solid yellow ball with chrome ring. Available with or without GAMMA logo. [link]

Tennis Ball Keychain

Rubik’s Cube Keychain

This on-the-go version of the classic, best selling Rubik’s Cube will hold your keys and capture your imagination. [link]

Rubiks Cube Keychain

Gameboy Advance SP Keychain [link]

Gameboy Advance SP Keychain

Atari Keychains

Plug ‘n play keychains are here! Pick Pong, Asteroids, or Centipede! Pong also comes w/ Breakout & Warlords!. [link]

Atari Keychains

Apple Remote Keychain [link]

Apple Remote Keychain

Gift Ideas
  1. MAx

    I already have a RAM keychain, but instead of the entire module, i cutted to have only a single chip.
    Nice works!

  2. Francisco C

    The rubik’s cube keychain would drive me nuts!

  3. Takashi Kusuma

    dang that’s awesome

  4. hardik dhandhaliya

    i love the designs i already have one scotch cap key chain

  5. Chaitanya

    The concept of keychain has been redefined by LEGO bricks, 50 BMG bullet keychain and Duff can keychain. The amalgamation of Toxel is so very impressive!!!

  6. betsy

    lol wouldnt the atari be a little big for a keychain XD

  7. Jake Simpson

    i have the batman keychain :D

  8. Melissa

    I had the rubiks cube one and it broke right away!

  9. Raads

    im likin the gameboy keychain, n i love the cute teeny little sneakers one.

  10. Larna

    who would put the tennis ball keychain in their handbag…its fancy..but just not practical.

  11. jaquan

    is the coca cola one really got soda in it…..??

  12. SirHarris

    i hav the rubiks… real time killer :)

  13. kumar

    thats awesome cool…

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