Shadow and Light Sculptures

Shadow and Light Sculptures

Incredible shadow art created by talented Dutch visual artist Diet Wiegman.

Creative sculptures are made out of different objects and then projected onto walls using strategically positioned lights and mirrors.

Make sure to watch the video of the rotating Michael Jackson sculpture!

Light and Shadow Art

Light and Shadow Sculptures

Light Sculptures

Shadow Sculptures by Diet Wiegman

Diet Wiegman

Light and Shadow Sculptures by Diet Wiegman

Light Art Sculptures

Shadow Artist Diet Wiegman

Shadow Art Sculptures

Light Sculptures by Diet Wiegman

Shadow Art by Diet Wiegman

Light Art by Diet Wiegman

Shadow Art

Light Art

Shadow Sculptures

Light and Shadow Art by Diet Wiegman

Shadow and Light Art

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  1. Jury

    as the world looks to 6 dimensional ? If we see a projection of the three dimensional. Two-dimensional shadow, very different from the three-dimensional

  2. Chiaroscuro

    Ey Ey Ey!!! Whoooaahh look at Micheal Jackson!! Look at the Globe From the plate! THAT’S WHAT AM TALKIN’ ‘BOUT, SON!! You’re almost there,, just a short way to reaching my level.

  3. everythingsAlie

    Kind of reminds me of Plato’s allegory of the cave.

  4. nanobelle

    @everythingsAlie – you can be on my island.

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