Art Created Using Shadows

Art Created Using Shadows

Kumi Yamashita, a talented Japanese artist, is famous for creating unique art by casting light over strategically placed objects.

The objects on the wall help direct the shadow and form cool silhouettes.

Shadow Face

Shadows on the Wall

Using Shadows to Create Art

Shadow Question Mark

Shadow Art

Silhouette Shadow Art

Shadow Person

For more inspiration, check out: Light and Shadow Paintings

  1. Tim


  2. Thomas L.

    Without words.

  3. Celzn

    This is so brilliant.

  4. julie

    That is really amazing.

  5. james


  6. Nataly

    I like when art set thinking people.

  7. mark

    I love the portrait made from a credit card rubbing in the video

  8. hamid


  9. archatas

    I love it.

  10. weyzer



  11. may

    Amazing….Simple…but speaks volumes….

  12. jaqi mugo

    Wow! This is absolutely brilliant! Should be a museum for this… :)

  13. Y. tsye

    it’s a really good idea. if someone can make it colorful, he will make it a small projector.
    As shown in No.3, 5, 7 picture…

  14. pete

    True artist.

  15. JTKirk

    seriously – all the above comments are laaaaaame. are you really ASTERISK speechless ASTERISK??? are you a 12 year old girl?

  16. Alberto


  17. Art of Concept

    Truly impressive art!! Wonderful! I’m in awe!

  18. cindy


  19. Karin L.


  20. Tri Ari Handoko

    Totally amazing, never seen before

  21. Eugene

    What an imagination!

  22. Hermann

    ShadowFace work can be found in Microsoft Building 96 in Redmond, WA.
    If you show up during business hours you will be able to get into the lobby and see it live for free =)

    It’s amazing.

  23. jumanicus

    this is ingenious

  24. enav

    pretty nice

  25. Melanie

    Wow, it’s amazing!

  26. Raads

    i like the simplest one there, the exclamation mark turned into a question mark…

  27. Art

    That is awesome. I bet it is hard to work through production with the light shining because your shadow will cover up whatever your placing. I might have to try it and use a stick or something!

  28. BiNc

    this is what I call REAL ART!
    I am totally amazed about her artwork!
    !!! BRILLIANT !!!

  29. Debi Zen

    O M G

  30. Shaan


  31. ChEeSe

    SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!! i think this is super creative

  32. G Loaf


  33. Bo Kalvslund

    Nice. Reminds me of a book a saw recently with pictures taken from the air. The shadows of example cows and horses look really cool when the sun is low.

    I know this is not a concept/idea like this but just a fact in real life..

  34. Aertryn

    It’s genius. :D

  35. Larna

    the third she nude? hehe

  36. me

    ditto what everyone said above :D

  37. Karmin

    so cool! absolutely brilliant art :)

  38. maeva

    so beautifull….i really love it, c’est unique et magnifique!!!!! c’est de l’art!

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