Modern and Creative Packing Tape Designs

Modern and Creative Packing Tape Designs

Collection of the most creative packing tape designs from all over the world.

Message Tape

Black out the unwanted parts to create your own messages. [link]

Message Tape

Message Tape 2

Everything is OK Tape

This project exemplifies the power of design to alter meaning through context, and invites people to question (not simply accept) the veracity of its message. [link]

Everything is OK Tape

Packing Tape Jewelry

Jewels which come on roles of packing tape. Bracelets, watches, necklaces and belts can all be rolled out and applied. [link]

Packing Tape Jewelry

Jewelry Tape

Lighting Stripes and Magic Light Tape

Magic Tape, as well as Lighting Stripe, is an extremely thin, versatile and flexible film emitting light source. [link]

Lighting Stripes and Magic Tape

Light Tape

Packing Tapes from Art. Lebedev Studio

Creative packing tape designs by Art. Lebedev Studio. [link]

Film Strip Tape [link]

Film Strip Tape

Bandage Tape [link]

Bandage Tape

Sound Wave Tape [link]

Sound Wave Tape

Everlasting Calendar Tape

Multi-functional sticky tape that works as a calendar. Easily create each month in any day and date combination, by using the two separate rolls and sticking them next to each other. [link]

Everlasting Calendar Tape

Football Tape

Adhesive tape with a football pattern allows you to construct footballs. [link]

Football Tape

Pirate Packing Tape

Wide packing tape with skull and crossbones. [link]

Pirate Packing Tape

Snip Tape

Sniptape by Danish designer Kenn Munk is 66m of cut-out-ability. [link]

Snip Tape


Highway Tape

Creative tape with motorway pattern designed by Martí Guixé. [link]

Highway Tape

Jesus Tape

Christ is pictured on 82 feet of 1-7/8″ wide tape and comes on a handy plastic dispenser. [link]

Jesus Tape

Grassland Tape

Creative attempt to capture nature in a roll of adhesive plastic. [link]

Grassland Tape

Keyboard Packing Tape

Heavy duty 2 inch packing tape printed with a keyboard design. [link]

Keyboard Packing Tape

Shut Up Tape

If asking doesn’t help, this tape most definitely will. [link]

Shut Up Tape

Zipper Tape

Creative experimental tape design by Benoit Lemoine. [link]

Zipper Tape

Zipper Tape 2

Zipper Tape 3

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Gift Ideas
  1. Faze One

    right on , love the zippertape

  2. gary

    who knew there were so many tapes? The zipper tape is awesome.

  3. Paul Sample

    Holy shirt!!!

  4. Shanna Korby

    Decorative tape isn’t new. Thinner tapes were still used to border newspaper ads as late as 2000-01.

  5. Mniya

    i love the message tape and the magic tape, really it is very creative :)

  6. Sunset

    Love some of these for their form and function, like the tape with the dates, the zipper tape is cool for decorating.

  7. Anto

    The zipper tape, shut up and wave length are just out of this tape!
    Its just amazing how you would use them for a lot of stuff just for the fun of it!

  8. canan

    all of them are good ideas!!!!!!!!

  9. Buky

    Zipper was d awesomemest

  10. Fresh

    I LOVE the Message tape and the Lighting stripes are pretty insane too!

  11. 0803060.e

    thats so kool! i want the message tape nd the magic light tape lol

  12. ANNIE


  13. corey

    lol the shut up tape is awsome i want to find it and buy it

  14. ayo


  15. Unknown

    Love the calander and Shut Up tape. Shut Up belongs on my sister

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