Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen

Desiree Palmen, a talented Dutch artist, uses camouflage techniques to capture incredible photographs of people blending into their surroundings.

For each photo, the artist designs new camouflage suit which has to be made with the greatest precision or the illusive effect will not work.

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 2

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 3

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 4

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 5

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 6

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 7

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 8

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 9

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 10

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 11

Camouflage Photography by Desiree Palmen 12

Also check out: Invisible Man and Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin

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  1. Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

    Superb ….: )

  2. Max

    Last two are really gr8 ones!

  3. MicroWise

    brilliant brilliant brilliant i say! genius i tell ya! i agree to most of the comments here. the last four is the best!

  4. jim w

    these are great, that last one is crazy, you’d never know!!

  5. Nora Coates

    ummm….this is not that original…i have seen this many times before

  6. prufrock

    Nora, shut up. Please.

    This is great work, and really worth seeing.

  7. Gymnastics Leotards

    Amazing work of careful design and execution. The result is astonishing. I would certainly like to see more.

  8. Loren

    what fun … and it doesn’t matter how they were created, they are wonderfully creative and inspiring. Fun, good work!

  9. doruk

    the last one is so cool!

  10. amit

    its all of photoshop work. nothing real!!!

  11. Pig

    Wow!I like them very much.How do you it superbly?

  12. sdgfdh

    This makes me proud to be an artist. Like I got something to show people thats recent and be like “This is what artists do. Don’t tell me to be a lawyer.”

  13. phoemous5

    Excellent, magnifique

  14. VH

    These are too cool! Very creative photography.

  15. ben

    very cool,so creative

  16. Man

    Isn’t that what life is about, blending in.

  17. JOYE 510

    These were phenomenal. The last one is the best. You could scare the hell out of anyone walking by w/ these cami clothes.

  18. Harry Barracuda

    ‘Shopped dude.

  19. Tyler

    Can I get a bookcase suit? Of course, it must be custom-tailored to my size in relation to the average bookcase…

  20. Ampayeen

    I think the book one was the best :)

  21. JTDC

    Only two were any good, in terms of camouflaging the target. If you can discern a shape, you fail at it. When you try and match the surroundings exactly, you bring in specific shapes, which in almost all of these cases, brought out the person’s shape.

    Modern camouflage acts primarily by breaking up the shape of the individual, not merely matching colors to backgrounds.

  22. That Asian Guy

    Y’know, the one that stands in front of the tread on that old construction machine in a suit like that?
    He did it much better, and first.

  23. JackStraw

    Wow, these are really cool! I like the newspaper one.
    It looks great.

  24. the asian guy is the best

    I agree, the asian guy is way better.

    Just sayin…

  25. kristina

    Ok this has already been done by that asian guy.. a talented artist doesn’t straight up copy someone else

  26. Steve

    Only unimaginitive people cry “Photoshop!” when they see something as creative as this. People who accuse everything of being photoshopped should be banned from the internet and get out more.

  27. Ghost

    I’m entertained that I see not a single comment here to remark this artist’s… “similarity”… to Liu Bolin.

  28. j

    first half not that good, towards the end becomes a lot better

  29. Thomas P. McHugh

    Yes, you needed to paint your shoes. Chalk it up as a learning experience. Paint on my friend.

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