Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin

Inspired by how some animals can blend into their environment Liu Bolin from China uses camouflage principles to create amazing contemporary art.

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 2

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 3

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 4

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 5

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 6

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 7

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 8

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 9

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 10

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 11

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 12

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 13

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin 14

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  1. mary

    the truck one was incredible!

  2. Mika

    The bulldozer I actually had to really look in order to see him!

  3. Chris

    Yeah, agreed, definitely the digger one was the best.

  4. Peter Ong

    Agreed on the bulldozer, he “disappeared” and it did take me a while to see him.

  5. Paul Sample

    Oh myyy!!! agreed! It was hard to find him on the bulldozer pic.

  6. Erick bas


  7. Toyama

    The bulldozer camou has got to be the best, it also got me to look the 2nd time before I actually take full notice of him

  8. Anirtak

    wow! how on earth did the artist do this!?

  9. tech-mad

    gasp! brilliant!

  10. palak bhatt

    Wow!!! Great i hope i will find in india soon…..

  11. Diego

    The bulldozer one is just AMAZING ! even better than a Chamaleon!

  12. josie

    really struggled to find him in the digger picture. well done toxel

  13. Dominic

    I’d like to see the original shots from another angle. They just look too photoshopped.

  14. joel

    i agree. another angle would give it more credibility. great art, but the bulldozer doesn’t looks altered. still amazing!

  15. Andy Fergason

    The bulldozer one is the best.
    I think the colors also effect how well the person blends into the background.

  16. Gir

    Wow, good looking stuff. Some are better than others which for me lends some credence to them.

  17. Sherbiny

    the bulldozer one is the best, it took me one or two seconds to find out where he is

  18. Tiffany!

    I totally thought the digger one was put in just to trick us and there really wasn’t a man. Hahaha. Awesome.

  19. Brad

    Hello Photoshop!

  20. kleners

    If you look at the phone booth one That is at another angle. If you look at any of these from a view point not designed by the artist it will be distorted. This is real stuff Ive seen it a few times. First time was in a movie about a ventriloquist killer that did this type stuff to hide in plain site. This is the idea of optic camouflage you have to have something record and display on the front exactly what the other view point would see. This in turn would be exactly what someone would look like with true invisible tech. just shadows and highlights.

  21. PM

    bulldozer O____________________O

  22. Max Cummins

    Incredibly impressive. I’m not sure whether or not to believe my eyes for some of them, however they’re all fascinating; real or not.

  23. JKent

    At least in touching up. Take a look at the last pic; he’s got no shadow, but the van has a very dark one! BIG OOPS!

  24. niceguyted

    If I cross my eyes and look three inches behind the pictures, I can just about see my ex-wife.

    Thx for the nightmares, bro.

  25. Iwan Nagag

    He isn’t an artist. He is actually a scientist demonstrating a cloaking technology that allows “them” to create clothing that bends light in such a way the observer sees only the scene behind the wearer. They are still perfecting the technology. These photos were taken 20 years ago and the technology has improved tremendously since then. As a matter of fact someone has been standing behind you the whole time.


    Yeah, the bulldozer was a hard one!!

  27. jim

    Great Work !!

  28. JaCobian91

    Octocamo anyone?

  29. Evan

    The bulldozer one was like finding waldo

  30. ant

    totally agree. the bulldozer is one of the many that I need to look upon the second time before spotting him. Great arrangement!

  31. Johnson Koh

    I almost cant find him in the Bulldozer image!

  32. SMStedman

    Maybe not “Big Brother” but “Blend in Brother” is watching you!!! Excellent and fun.

  33. Artspeak

    If one wants to be truly convinced of this man’s art, a sequence of photos for each situation should be shown, i.e., left angle – frontal – right angle. This would do more to convince the Photoshop skeptics of authenticity.
    If it is a trick of Photoshop, then it is well done. As for JKent’s comment about no shadow as Liu stands in front of the van, he may have a point. There would not be as much shadow as in the space beneath the van, but there are no shadows at all, even subtle ones which should appear between Liu Bolin’s feet.

  34. Harry

    I could barely see him in that bulldozer pic he almost looks invisible. Maybe you could do an update on how he does this. Pretty awesome stuff.

  35. menyus

    Great pics (wondering if it’s Photoshop – if yes, still a good idea being well implemented, if not – then it’s more than amazing…) – köszi Piroska! ;)

  36. Easy Rhino


  37. Karin Stewart

    Quite fascinating and very creative!

  38. Ted Aquino

    It took me a few seconds to see the person in the Bulldozer picture. Great stuff.

  39. Thomas

    Nice, some of them seem computer generated though. Especially the bulldozer-picture. Anyone knows?

  40. KazeArt

    Well, that’s pretty original at least. Nice. :)

  41. Jon

    I thought they were all very good with the exception of the second to last one. he has just painted himself white and stood in a white room with his eyes closed!

  42. Bulldozer

    I guarantee the next person is going to say that the bulldozer / digger was the best. Yes, let’s all just keep saying the same thing all over again.

    … by the way, the bulldozer one was amazing.

  43. Karen

    woah, the bulldozer one took me forever to figure out!

  44. laure

    You are right . The bulldozer took me few second to find him. There is another one , challenging also, in front of the train..Anyway very creative..

  45. MJPO

    Some people said they wanted to see it from different angles. It woesn’t work like that, his art wouldn’t line up with the background.

  46. Flavio

    The bulldozer picture is definitely the best one.

  47. WiseGuy2009

    The bulldozer… oh my! :o

  48. FredWallace

    Yes, it won’t line up. That’s the idea–it would lend credibility to the pictures authenticity if one could see the art obscured from another angle.

  49. toff696

    GOD DAMN IT IT’S an articulated loader not a bulldozer!!!!!!!!!!

  50. James Savin

    That articulated loader one is great..

  51. Pete

    Wow theres at least one in Liverpool . Oh and the bulldozer one yes had to look 2x

  52. Adison

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those pics r soooooooooooooo cool. Whats up with the 2nd 2 last one? That one HAD ro be the easiest! Did i spell that right?

  53. mikael

    it took me like 5 minutes to find him in the bulldozer

  54. davidj

    My favorite one is the bulldozer when I realized he could have saved time and just took a picture of it without being in the picture at all.

    Reminds me of the photorealist painter who deliberately painted scenes as if they were photographs taken slightly out of focus.

    At some point, what is the point?

  55. davidj

    Oh yeah it is a Loader – it took so long to scroll down I forgot what it was LOL

  56. rollingtay

    I don’t get it. A bunch of uninteresting pictures?

  57. amu-ka

    wow…that truck one is the best!! I coulden’t find the man!! great job

  58. Borellus

    The bulldoser one was very hard to spot. Those are amazing.

  59. kafka7664

    the man is transparent! certainly doesn’t work on wall street!

  60. Bulldozer

    Bulldozer, Bulldozer, Bulldozer,

    Please can some one pay me one cent for every time I see the statement, the ‘Bulldozer was amazing/hard to spot/unbelievable’ I will be able to quit my job before long with these royalty payments.

    It’s great to see human’s have individual views and are not clones of each other having the power of independent thought and have the ability to say something original without trotting out the same drivel as the person before.

    Please let’s trot out this same predictable statement at least 10,000 more times – because I am not quite yet sure whether people liked the bulldozer (or articulated loader as someone correctly pointed out) or not.

    Yours sincerely,

    PS I just loved the Bulldozer one.

  61. Bulldozer

    Yes there are some grammar/spelling errors in Bulldozers statement above – Bulldozer is prepared to acknowledge this.

    By the way, everyone, check out the Bulldozer one – it’s almost impossible to spot him, isn’t it??

  62. AW

    There are no limits to the imagination and intellect really. Here’s proof.

  63. Harry

    this is photoshop right? it would be unbelievable if it wasnt lol

  64. Onciale

    Incredible quality, I’m … I don’t know how to say in english.

  65. S.S.

    To dispel some of the previous comments. it is real. ABC news (United States of America) had story today, displaying Liu at work, blending into a pile of rubble. Someone else does paint his face, as he was already positioned among the bricks and mortar. I also saw that NBC News had the story too.

    I found the train one, besides the bulldozer a challenge too.

    Sad, that such a sad affair brought such invention. Since there is no description (but I found this site the best to share with others for the picture size and quality…) I share:
    Through his artistry, he paints himself to be invisible – just as his fellow Chinese are, in the name of “progress.” From towns completly bulldozed for Olympics, to industry and rubble, Liu speaks volumes …- unseen.

    S. S.
    Portland, Oregon

  66. Kenny Nguyen

    For those of you who doesn’t believe this is true arts (no photoshop) you should do some research yourself. There are pictures taken from different angles of his art, of course with him painting it.

  67. erin

    wow your art is really amazing i love the bouldozer

  68. Elizabeth

    ABC news showed video of them painting him for a picture with bricks. It was very believable. Now they may change the light levels or something to take out some of the contrast. It does appear looking through the photos he has improved (the construction one and bridge with water vs. the really simple olympic character one and the destroyed white building below it).

  69. ABigJerk

    The bulldozer was great!

  70. Marius B

    The bulldozer one is my favorite, by far!

  71. Julia

    Incredible!!!! Very cool, very original!!!!
    S.S I loved your comments.
    Bulldozer, shut up!!! If it bugs you so much when people comment about the bulldozer photo, stop reading the comments.
    Iwan Nagag, you actually made me turn around-hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  72. Bernard Farrell

    The London telephone boxes picture was excellent….also the bulldozer.

  73. Ken

    I didn’t see a bulldozer, but I did see a front end loader, ….pretty cool. What’s next, blending in to a moving panorama?

  74. Some Dood

    hey this Liu Bolin guy is a genius & talented artist. Wow it take me a while to get the bulldozer 1, as it did with alot of other ppl here I see lol. Nice stuff

  75. soulprana

    Good stuff!

  76. snowwolf

    Wow, the bulldozer one, I actually thought it was cheating me and the guy isn’t there :P incredible

  77. Augusto Valdivia

    Very, original and creative

  78. Egon van Dalz

    To me it looks like the work of Veruschka and Holger Trülzsch… In the ’70s.
    He didn’t invented it.
    Bt Liu Bolin’s work is still stunning.

  79. kyzzz

    the bulldozer is really amazing………….



  80. ziwow

    the buldozerrr…great!!

  81. Vu Bui

    Sad that people would rather believe that this amazing artist in out to con people more than they would believe that he is that much more talented than the average person will ever be.

    For those using the van photo’s lack of shadow underneath him as evidence of fakery… look at the shadow under the van… and look at the small patch of sky in the background. It’s obviously an overcast sky, which is basically a huge diffusion filter for the sun. This means that light comes in evenly from all directions above and wraps around objects. That’s why the van’s shadow is much smaller than the van itself and why his shadow is only directly under his feet.

  82. Brissa Jordan

    Pretty cool, I don’t believe all of them are real though, looks to amazing if it were.

    Hey, I could be wrong though… Still love this!




  84. Besti Salsati


  85. timmay

    omg!!! i love them the bulldozer i really had to look for it that is just amazing

  86. Brett

    that was pretty sweet the bulldozer one it took me like 5 minutes the first time my brother and sister did not even see it

  87. ee


  88. josh

    picture of BULLDOZER is great

  89. lollipop

    the truck one was AWESOME! at first i culdnt tell were
    the guy was! LOL:)

  90. Barbara

    Thanks for sharing, your blog is really great!

  91. Laura

    When I first looked at the bulldozer one I couldn’t find him. I thought it was accidentely been put in there!


    :) ;)

  92. Rio

    London telephone box one is just genius. I couldn’t see the bulldozer one either. Took me a good 20 seconds to find him!

  93. jo


  94. van

    camouflage pic #7 was AMAZING!

  95. сержж

    wow! wonderfull!!!!

  96. Norman

    omgah an asian person that doesn’t stand out. shocking

  97. justin

    i dont know what u guys are talking about.i couldnt see anyone.

  98. mai

    wtf how does he do it in the bulldozer 1???

  99. AJ

    The bulldozer was the hardest , but his feet gave him away.

  100. Jeff

    Liu Bolin’s Mum says: if he comes home one more time with his clothes covered in paint he’s got to leave. Washing machine is knackered and I’ve run out of detergent!

  101. MLIA

    the bulldozer one was really good

  102. Marzena

    There’s one thing (in fact it’s a video)I can relate it to… It’s the sunny day in glasgow videoclip..
    I don’t think it’s a really innovative idea, I’ve seen this kind of stuff too many times

    watch this :

  103. CD

    It’s a front-end loader not a bulldozer; just for clarification. :)

  104. Mary DeSchailles

    Lol this dude’s gonna put the Pink Panther out of business…

  105. Monica

    I love these pics. really great art I must say. And they are NOT shopped! There’s a video on youtube showing the work in progress :)

  106. pupwad54

    Love that articulated loader. Or is it a front-end loader? Enough already. PEOPLE please read what’s already been posted B4 making an ORIGINAL comment.

  107. Gordon

    It was pretty hard to recognize the guy with the tractor

  108. KML

    It’s a wheel loader not a bulldozer… haha. But, yes it is incredible, I thought that one was a joke picture because I couldn’t find the person.

  109. omglolcoolj

    Very cool, the dozer photo was epic. Guy is a ninja.

  110. Siera

    I had to zoom in and really look in the bulldozer one.

  111. Ben Bazalgette

    look people, this is not ‘find wally’.

    does nobody see any deeper artistic sense than saying he got a shadow wrong on the van one?

  112. Jane

    the buldoser one is amazing

  113. Jane

    the bulldozer is the hardest i’m telling the truth i mean it took me at least 3 minutes

  114. Brian D. Smittenwerben

    Three minutes, you say? That long? It took me like 2:57! You’re so slow. Lol. I like the bulldozer one too, jane. We have a lot in common. Got anything planned Friday? How about the theater in Carnegie Hall? I’ll bring the popcorn. you bring yourself. I’ll be waiting for your response-send it by bird. Anyway, good job, liu bolin. ongratualations on having a thousand people commenting on your awesomeness. props.

  115. Jebeng Otai

    The bulldozer one is awesome.. :)

  116. sara ki

    I was watching this somewheres and it wasn’t from no movie either. It’s not photoshoped the show actually was showing him paint the people up and how long it would take.

  117. Jonathan Willman

    My god, Have any one seen his one with the shopping mart? These are awesome

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