12 Unusual Cigarette Lighter Designs

12 Unusual Cigarette Lighter Designs

Modern cigarette lighters come in all shapes and sizes. This post showcases our favorite examples of unusual and creative lighter designs.

Doublemint Gum Lighter

Cool lighter that looks like a packet of Doublemint chewing gum.

Doublemint Gum Lighter

Match Lighter

Creative giant sized match that is actually a lighter, not a match.

Match Lighter

Giant Lighter

Big Daddy lighter is nearly 7′ tall and holds 6 ounces of lighter fuel.

Giant Lighter

Big Daddy Jumbo Lighter

Battery Lighter

“Durasell” lighter is designed to look like a C-type battery.

Battery Lighter

Gold Bar Lighter

Gold Bar Lighter

Cigarette Lighter

Unusual cigarette-shaped lighter blends in with its surroundings.

Cigarette Lighter

Fire Extinguisher Lighter

Clever cigarette lighter design that looks like a fire extinguisher. [buy]

Fire Extinguisher Lighter

Bullet Lighter

This unique machine gun bullet flips open to reveal a cigarette lighter.

Bullet Lighter

Matchbox Lighter

Creative lighter design that contains regular wooden matches.

Matchbox Lighter

Cell Phone Lighter

SB6309 is the world’s first mobile phone with integrated lighter.

Cell Phone Lighter

USB Flash Drive Lighter

Refillable lighter with built-in 8GB USB flash drive from ThinkGeek.

USB Flash Drive Lighter

Chocolate Lighter

Creative chocolate lighters come in white or dark chocolate bites.

Chocolate Lighter

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  1. charu

    Cool that fire extinguisher! I simply love it!


  2. Den

    I have the cigarette lighter myself! but I like the USB better, great concept!

  3. Carlos López

    Definetly want the usb.


  4. mostafa

    lovely Fire Extinguisher lighter!
    a wisecrack!

  5. superdit

    Cool collection, but i’m still using matchbox lol

  6. Karin L. Stewart

    My father designed and made bullet lighters from spent shells and SOLD THEM to fellow sailors when he was in the Navy ’31-’37! He also had a matching ashtray from spent shells of various sizes to match! A man ahead of his time, I guess. He also made lamp bases from huge shells and chrome plated and engraved them with ornate Navy insignia and other Navy info (eg. USS West Virginia 1935) He then sold them and sent the money home to his family to help support a family ravaged by the Great Depression! That would have been Petty Officer 1st Class Harry L. Stewart, deceased.

  7. itsbrandnew

    cool! Love all of them!

  8. Graydian

    there so cool! but the phone one would encoage pple to start smoking wich is bad :(

  9. christian louboutin

    Cool that fire extinguisher! I simply love it!

  10. ase x

    I like the ciggerette on your phone lighter, had the idea a while ago.

  11. rey

    the chocolate lighter is so cool i could eat it!!!

  12. Fresh

    Cigarette lighter is awesome and the Giant is a must have if you want to stand out at your next rock concert…geez! And it’s only $14! I’m definitely getting one.

  13. Reilly

    Fire extinguisher. That’s ironic…

    oh and the Doublemint is a disaster waiting to happen with a 5 year old… “oh, gum!” *flick* “Oh…. fire!” *lights face or house on fire*

  14. Gamer Loz

    I love that giant one good idea to get it out at a concert lol

  15. timmay

    i love them all especially the big daddy lighter and the fire extinguisher

  16. Rose

    I have a matchstick lighter for my gas stove. My mother got it cheap at a $2 shop. Not as detailed though.


    I have that “Cigarette Lighter” d;) it’s really cool!

  18. Rylee

    Hahaha i like the fire extingiger

  19. 0803060.e

    the fire extinquisher hahaha thats cutee

  20. Maryann Stefaiw

    Yum HOtdogs

  21. rodiansinger

    I don’t smoke but I want that machine gun bullet lighter.

  22. shihab

    Goldbar and Chocolate lighters were too good .

  23. pampalas

    Fire Extinguisher Lighter

  24. Always Yours

    has any one have or seen the first USA recovery carrier light? It was USS Lake Champane CVS 39 lighter.
    I had one but can’t find it. May 5, 1962.
    I wonder what it is worth .
    thank you

  25. Rhi

    i have the gold bar one my parents got it from turkey

  26. becca

    i just want to say i love the story that Karin L. Stewart told. it was a beautiful story. the cell phone one would be perfect for my boyfriend, maybe having a lighter in it would keep him from breaking his phone. my personal favorites are the bullet and cigarette lighters.

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