Street Art by JPS

Street Art by JPS

Clever artworks by British street artist JPS are integrated into environment.

Jamie Paul Scanlon paints art on rocks, pavement, and walls of buildings.

Michael Jackson Street Art


JPS UK Street Artist

Batman Street Art

JPS Street Artist

British Street Artist JPS


Artist JPS

UK Street Artist JPS

Weston-super-Mare Street Art

JPS Street Art

Jamie Paul Scanlon Street Art

Street Artist JPS

Jamie Paul Scanlon


London Street Art

UK Street Art

British Street Art

Kill Bill Street Art

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  1. Kathy

    These are wonderful! While there is clearly talent of technique, the use of ‘place’ and the creativity of what to paint in that place is delightful. It would be fun to come across these in the city!

  2. George

    Someone wants to be Banksy, but is not.

  3. Jason

    What is it about street art that cant be captured any where else. Art will always re invent itself.

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