Apple iPhone Inspired Pillow

Apple iPhone Inspired Pillow

iCushion is a comfortable pillow designed to look like a giant Apple iPhone.

It even comes with a hidden pocket for your real iPhone. [more info]

Apple iPhone Pillow

iPhone Inspired Pillow

iPhone Inspired Cushion

Apple iPhone Inspired Cushion

iPhone Cushion


Apple iPhone Shaped Pillow

Apple iPhone Cushion

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  1. unDave™

    It’d be cooler if it comes with speakers or an alternate/bigger battery/charger, but it looks good tho’.

    -by unDave™

  2. timmay

    looks awesome

  3. dave e.

    Bet it works better than the iPhone.

  4. Snufkin

    appears a little futile to me, even if i´m a mac fan…

  5. enav


  6. gunneos

    i like the whole apple logo

  7. Bringa

    I’m starting to get tired of all the iPhone pillows, talbles, dresses, cakes… Get a new idea!!!

  8. Reilly

    Cute :D

  9. aditia

    nice, i want one

  10. Habibies

    Awesome i really need it plzzzzzzzzzzz :P

  11. Anna

    I find this pointless and nor at all creative.

  12. Sapphire

    Better than the iMaxi at least…

  13. Sin

    @#1 unDave™: That would be a pretty easy mod!

  14. Josh McFarland

    How much? Where could I get it fom?

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