Bubble Wrap iPhone Case

Bubble Wrap iPhone Case

Unique iPhone case from Japan created for people who love to pop bubbles and play with bubble wrap.

PuchiPuchi case protects the iPhone and simulates bubble wrap popping.

Innovative layered design provides realistic bubble wrap sound and feel.

Endless bubble wrap case for stress relief and hours of fun. [order]

Puchi Puchi iPhone Case

Bubble Wrap iPhone 5 Case

Puchi Puchi Case

BubbleWrap iPhone Case

PuchiPuchi iPhone Case

Bubble Wrap Case for iPhone

Bubble iPhone Case

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  1. unknown

    he is like ohhh, i like that wrap. dont watch the vid, its creepy.

  2. A$ap

    Imagine someone sitting next to you on the train and constantly popping those bubbles, ugh …..

  3. @

    That guy is way too excited about the phone case…

  4. Chewie

    haha I brought a box keyring version of this wayyy before, the texture and when you press the bubble doesn’t feel like the actually thing, it just feels like pushing a rubber button which has a click in the end :( makes a clicky sound rather a ‘bubble sound’

  5. Karen

    I feel like this would get annoying to other people but it’s awesome anyways!

  6. thaOwp

    That video is disturbing.

  7. Princess Peach

    I wish that this came in iPhone 4S… Also, that guy is loving it waaay too much

  8. Bri

    How do I get one of these?

  9. Chrissy

    Does it come for iPhone 5c
    Also how much and where can I get it?

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