Incredible Sushi Art

Sushi Art

Our Amazing Food Art post received a lot of love so we decided to write another post showcasing food art and featuring Incredible Sushi Art.

Japanese Sushi Sunflowers

Japanese sushi chef and show off, Ken Kawasumi, opted to recreate Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with sushi.

Japanese Sushi Sunflowers

Japanese Sushi Sunflowers 2

Sushi Art Collection

I Love Sushi ! You Love Sushi ! We love Sushi !!!

Sushi Art Collection

Sushi Art Collection 2

Sushi Art Collection 3

More Sushi Art

Sushi Art

Sushi Art 3

Sushi Art 4

Sushi Art 5

Sushi Art 6

Incredible Sushi Art

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  1. diggaddep

    that platter looks like its got a dude mooning someone on it!

  2. Alex Draht

    I would puke out that pc in a second gross.

  3. yeah

    funny thing is that sushi pc probably works better than the actual thing..

  4. Alex


  5. Alex D

    Dude, this is incredible!

  6. diggaddep

    th15 4r3 t3h b35t art 1 h4v3 s33n 1n 4 l0ng t1m3!!!

  7. Aokban

    sweet looking but prolly tastes gross.
    (diggaddep…. you’re dumb)

  8. me


  9. jamie

    mmmmmmm sushi

    I agree with Aokban….. diggaddep, you’re dumb

  10. chakl

    yeah it looks good, but how does it taste!
    Also diggaddep is probably the product of sibling love (incest) so can you really blame him?

  11. Nichole

    OMG! That is so cute, amazing, and creative!!!

  12. Ben

    Learn proper English before using 1337-speak, otherwise you’ll get Þ0\/\/n3d in the afterlife by your grade school teacher…

  13. lol

    These are pretty amazing. Who can tell if they really taste bad, just because they are visually appeasing… in general the japanese / azns tend to make things functional as well, so just because its good looking and odd form of art doesnt mean itll neccesarially taste like poo.

    lol why is he dumb, i remember a time when most of the net accepted 1337 spekk.

  14. zach


    i think he was trying to combing 1337-speak with cheezburger chat.

    but he failed.

  15. clay

    very talented

  16. Grady Laksmono

    Where’s Linux (penguin) sushi..? I’ll vomit on that windows sushi X(

  17. Alex Draht

    “funny thing is that sushi pc probably works better than the actual thing..”

    HAHAHHA, I bet thats true

  18. zcat

    Interesting, except people have been doing the same thing with rock candy for practically forever. I guess it’s a bit harder to do it with sushi though, I have enough trouble just rolling them evenly with the fish in the middle.

  19. Citrus Head

    Neat….and tasty!

  20. mythailove

    Wow this make me want to eat sushi… but that alot of work

  21. dan

    That is a gnarly dragon roll!

  22. Nadja Honker

    Impressive art.
    I think this flowers in form of sushi must be very delicious.

    That heart shaped tuna must be also tasty !

  23. Jack Off

    The third pic does look like there is a person mooning… what is that supposed to be? A heart?

  24. MoiN

    OMGOwned! :D

  25. breet

    i really cant believe that guy used 1337 speak. what a horrible human being. we should all get together and write a letter to the president, asking permission for a presidential execution, stadium style.

  26. Xelan

    That third picture you speak of is actually an image of a peach. This symbolizes longevity in Asian cultures.

  27. SeattleGal

    That does not look yummy.

  28. sego

    too Nice to eat?

  29. jfz

    Why use Leetspeak in connection with this story? (At least the sushi was clever and the chef talented.)

  30. diggaddep

    i’m sorry guys, the geek squad guys just wired this PC computer up for me yesterday, i’m trying to get the hang of this, let me try again:

    my lolzcatz sayz: u eat meh sushieh?

    is that roxxorz?

  31. diggaddep

    I deserve to be shot.

  32. Palani

    I think what you view as a guy mooning is actually a strawberry. They’re just upside down.

  33. Dario Salvelli

    Wow, amazing..

  34. Milla Valkeasuo

    The PC is cool.

  35. seo

    I want to eat it even though I’m not much into sushi.

  36. dead_cockroach

    That ‘Mooning’ strawberry is actually a peach. It’s a kind of fruit. Google for the picture to see how it looked like.

  37. dead_cockroach

    Sorry, google for ‘Longevity Peach’ would be a better option.

  38. DocZayus

    Some managed to look edible.
    Thanks for sharing this.


    wow amazing post, i make sushi, but i can not amke it like that!


  40. rosita

    Creative and seems delicious :D

  41. Flower Quiz

    Really nice piece of creativity.

  42. Michael

    Interesting enough nobody says “Yahoo that”. Don’t get me wrong i like google very much, but it’s just weird how google surpasses yahoo in everythig it does

  43. Tim


  44. Sara

    These are some amazing pictures.
    How do you make those.
    Someone needs to tell me,
    Thats insane, as in the good way,
    they are truley amazing:)
    well anyways great work.

  45. Raiha

    How delicious looking. I know what i am having for lunch today :-)

  46. Vix0r

    These are lovely! No wonder the guy in the picture looks so chuffed. What a skill. They look delicious too.

  47. jennifer baring

    it is truly a work of art.i love that sunflower looks really appealing.i always love sunflowers,the real fresh ones,and all that stuff with sunflower design.i admire the creativity of that japanese chef.

  48. Rumiko

    Wow! I am sure that they are not only great looking but also delicious!!! As a Japanese, I am sooooo pround of his sushi-art and I will try them by myself!!??

  49. oMan

    Last September I have spent a few days in Ube city, Japan. We have visited a Kaiten Zushi (rotating conveyor)restaurant – amazing –

  50. Nish

    I like the panda one, not really fond of the others to be honest.

  51. Brisbane Marketing Consultant

    Those crazy Japanese :) They look yummy.

  52. slashbe

    Amazing art. Still,no matter how much you dress it up, its still sushi! :-D

  53. jaredattack

    the third is GOATSE~

  54. SimonSez

    Why all the hate for the 1337?

    1 l0\/3 17! 50 /\/\{}ch /\/r3 F{}/\/

  55. HAR HAR

    my lolzcatz sayz: u eat meh sushieh?

    lol /b/tard..

  56. JJoJo

    No, the piece speculated upon as a mooner or strawberry or a peach is surely a radish? A savoury foodstuff depicted in sushi would make much more sense, huh?

  57. FYQue

    wow. That’s so amazing
    i like that..

  58. Rei

    The mooning strawberry/radish is a peach. See the two small green leaves at the bottom? It’s turned upside-down, although I don’t know what the red on the pink part is doing there…

  59. oska

    dont make fun diggaddep. he probubly didnt get to learn english

  60. Ashley Oldham

    WOW!! these are reall incredialbe almost to cute to eat

  61. Disk

    Is this real or just some kind of model ?

  62. kirtasiye

    I would puke out that pc in a second gross.

  63. ingilizce

    perfect :D

  64. baba

    Is this real or just some kind of model ?

  65. kermit

    how about using raw beef rather than fish meat?

  66. gazeteci

    delicous and funny :D

  67. kewl ness

    :D kewl man awsome

  68. ckmcpart

    anpanman and the pandas are my faves.

  69. kabin

    its very good project! Wowww.

  70. amir

    Sushi may harm your health because the food not fully cooked.

  71. iman smksbs

    wuuu woow!! :DD
    the panda is damn cute!

  72. Tim Ridley

    Mac sushi is better than PC sushi lulz


  73. nammy

    ummm… interesting
    diggydeap lang est tres cool

  74. namu

    Awsome im a HUGE fan of sushi!!!!

    I LOVED the panda one cause u know i love pandas!!

  75. Simone

    I like Sushi. This has got very popular in many countries.

  76. FUNNY

    I want to eat the laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!

  77. China

    These are so amazing!

  78. nikah şekeri

    funny thing is that sushi pc probably works better than the actual thing.

  79. Escoofield

    lol.. Amazing! The sushi’s designs are cool but i am not liking to eat em!

  80. i like ramen :)

    wow i wonder how long it took him to make all of that

  81. kabaam2000

    the one above the laptop looked like crap

  82. benja

    I wish I could make sushi like that. I would be the center of every party.

  83. oyunlar

    i want to eat picachu shaped sushi :)

  84. sampath

    can i work with u pls?

  85. Redbrickstock

    Those crazy japanese ! I loved the little PC. Pity it wasn’t running Linux !

  86. Kham

    That’s totally crazy! I’m such a massive fan of Japanese food.

  87. Eileen

    very nice. i want to learn how to do that. i know what you mean by it doesn’t look tasty…it’s mostly just rice…different colors of rice…and little else..but very cute

  88. haha

    lol that diggaddep got more comments then the sushi

    sushi looks way cool

  89. mAlexis

    Does anyone know if eel is a vegetable?

  90. Amy san

    Beautiful! You and your sushi are ichiban!

  91. Carpenter

    That looks amazing!!

  92. McLovin

    Yum? or Yuck?

  93. JunDan

    Wow. I’d absolutely HATE to eat that art! It looks so good though…. It’s very intresting how they made that. If you look there’s a Pikachu lol!

  94. NYGraffitiCreator

    Best kind of art – you can eat it afterwards :)

  95. Homer Simpson

    All of them looks delicious!

  96. Izzy

    I would totally hang up that sushi sunflower on my wall.

  97. Mike

    Wow, it looks good, but how does it taste!

  98. phebe

    so cute! really want to know how to make it!

  99. Mikki Bunag

    Niiiiice! :))) I envy you! :))

  100. Sushi Art

    This sushi art is REALLY talented. I wish I knew how to make good-tasting sushi. *Sigh*

  101. mysonlikestotastehimself

    i wish people who claim they don’t dig on sushi would just keep it to themselves.. sushi is great… sashimi is better.

    now.. go eat your burgers and fries.. packed with soy cereal fillers and cholesterol.

    bye bye!

  102. Brianna C

    So wanna try the laptop !!!

  103. Cynthia Coleman

    I don’t eat raw meat, but these are neat!

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