12 Creative Bento Lunch Boxes

12 Creative Bento Lunch Boxes

Wonderful bento food art creations that will inspire you to play with your food.

KISS Bento

Bento lunch inspired by Gene Simmons from hard rock band KISS.

KISS Bento

Lobster Bento

This red lobster with claws bento box is almost too cute to eat.

Lobster Bento

Homer Simpson Bento

Cool bento box inspired by the main character from The Simpsons.

Homer Simpson Bento

Alien Bento

Awesome space themed bento lunch created by Sakurako Kitsa.

Alien Bento

Spider Bento

Scary looking black spider recreated in bento form.

Spider Bento

Elmo Bento

Bento inpired by a Muppet from the Sesame Street television show.

Elmo Bento

Ninja Bento

Nori-wrapped hard-boiled egg ninja stands guard with his sword, dagger and throwing star shaped cucumber.

Ninja Bento

Eiffel Tower Bento

Colorful bento lunch box inspired by the world’s most famous tower.

Eiffel Tower Bento

LOST Bento

LOST themed bentos remind fans of all the unanswered questions.

LOST Bento

Hatch Bento

Hello Kitty Bento

Cute bento inspired by a popular fictional character from Japan.

Hello Kitty Bento

Penguin Bento

Bento lunch box inspired by the official penguin mascot of Linux.

Penguin Bento

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  1. Moo

    cuuuuuute! I like Hello Kitty and the Penguin one.

  2. Reilly

    these are so interesting.

  3. Art of Concept

    Truly creative!! Love ’em! I so like the penguin! As always a great post!

  4. Betty

    Creative! Charming! Healthy! But, alas, they wouldn’t get my picky eater to eat it.

  5. claire

    I like spider bento!

  6. Yocke

    Love this boxes, must have taken time to prepare!

  7. timmay

    pretty kool

  8. Karin L.

    OF course I wouldn’t eat any of this RAW stuff, but it’s cute.

  9. Raads

    KISS is the best but it just needs fangs and a bit of blood to make it look like a vampire!!

  10. Pinky

    I thought that a Bento Box contained sushi and pickled fish? These look great!

  11. p49it

    Super cute!!!

  12. Jani

    WOW, they all are looking great.

    Mothers must wake up early to decorate their kid’s lunch boxes like that on time :)

  13. Satoshi

    Here’s mine that we’ve been making for our 5 year old. Have a look!


  14. alvanhalen

    NICE! but it’s not a food, it’s an artwork, i dont wanna eat them..

  15. Moo

    Satoshi, your child is so lucky!

  16. Satoshi

    Thanks Moo!! We love making this for our little guy every week. He’s eats all his veggies too.

  17. barbara

    It’s a funny way to enjoy lunch at work !!!

  18. ariel

    Lobster with tomato flavour. lol

  19. Sony

    My mother finally sent me an e-mail with all these cute bento lunch boxes that I actually enjoyed looking through and smiling.
    They are so adorable that it’s a shame to have to eat them. Food ART!!!

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