Skittles Sorting Machine

Skittles Sorting Machine

Innovative machine created by Brian Egenriether determines the color of each candy and places it in the appropriate bowl.

Candy Sorting Machine uses infrared LEDs, phototransistor, and RGB sensor to accurately identify the color.

In addition to Skittles, the machine can sort Reese’s Pieces and M&M’s.

Candy Sorting Machine

Skittles Machine

Candy Machine

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  1. argon-76

    )))))) COOL!!!

  2. megan


  3. sgh

    good job!
    usefull in industrys

  4. Henri

    This is one of those things that you probably will never need, but still want it, because it is just cool and different. I like it.

  5. Don

    This is amazing,

    We can do this with M&Ms and Jellybeans! =D

  6. Karen

    But then where does the fun of dividing it up yourself go?
    Still pretty cool how it works though, just not practical.

  7. Dominic


  8. Black Lotus

    Perfect, for OCD people.

  9. Utopian

    How long does it take for identifying one candy ?

  10. Mark

    Ummmmmmmmm . . . . . . yeaaaaaaaah.

  11. Libeerian

    This is good because I am just one of millions of Libeerians who are allergic to orange skittles. This machine will save our race. Thank you, man who invented this handy-dandy life-saver.

  12. Chuckie

    This reminds me of Larry the Cable Guy in that Prilosec commercial.

    “Here in America we don’t just make stuff you want, we make stuff you didn’t even know you wanted”

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