14 Cool and Unusual Food Creations

14 Cool and Unusual Food Creations

Collection of wonderful food creations that show what happens when talented artists play with their food.

Bread Bird

Dayton Castleman carved the Bread Bird sculpture from the largest and densest bread loaf he could find.

Bread Bird

Cracker Sheep

Adorable three-dimentional animal cracker sheep sculpture.

Cracker Sheep

Apple Globe

Cool scale model of Earth carved into an apple by Kevin Van Aelst.

Apple Globe

Zucchini Skeleton

Creative zucchini skeleton man created by Edith Zimmerman.

Zucchini Skeleton

Mario Mushroom

Iconic mushroom from Mario video games carved from radish.

Mario Mushroom

Buddha Pears

Hao Xianzhang from China has invented the process of growing Buddha shaped pears. [more]

Buddha Pears

Puzzle Sandwich

Delicious looking sandwich shaped like two puzzle pieces.

Puzzle Sandwich

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Cake Wedding Dress

Amazing cake wedding dress made by Lukka Sigurdardottir. [more]

Cake Wedding Dress

Potato Portraits

Hundreds of weird potato portraits created by Ginou Choueir. [more]

Potato Portraits

Lemon Frog

Cute frog created from lemon and blueberries by Vanessa Dualib.

Lemon Frog

Meat Car

Creative sports car sculpted from a raw piece of meat. [more]

Meat Car

Daniel Craig Lollipop

Del Monte has designed a lollipop shaped like Daniel Craig’s torso.

Daniel Craig Lollipop

Football Sausage

Salami shaped like a football complete with lacing and stitches.

Football Sausage

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  1. ajayjshah

    now i’m hungry for some reason.

  2. unDave

    It’s just your imagination.

    -by unDaveā„¢

  3. anonDave

    I’m pretty sure the Lemon Frog should be referred to as a Lime Frog.

  4. MochiPu

    the bloody potato head is creepy… -_-“

  5. aditia

    i’m a man and defenetly don’t want to eat that lollipop

  6. C.M.M.

    buddha pears?!!?!?!!??!!!!! that may be the coolest thing i have ever seen, just maybe

  7. Mikhail

    The bread bird is very cool



  9. Dayton

    Link to video of the Bread Bird being ignored by Chicago pigeons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4snkD_WTTNc

  10. Mask

    these are awesome :)
    i love the apple – made me go OMGWTFBBQ with epicness. that cake dress was featured on wedinator also.

  11. Cory

    Okay, the apple had no competition

  12. Mac

    the lime-frog has a pretty funny little story on the link as well!awesome hahah

  13. claire stokoe

    These are pretty awesome, the wedding dress is superb

  14. Amanda


  15. Karin L.

    I love the creativity!

  16. Reilly

    Daniel Craig one is a popsicle, actually… and wouldn’t that be a lime frog?
    Love the cracker sheep though :)

  17. Bhaskar

    hi all!!!!!!!!!!
    It was grt

  18. LeviathanDances

    The Daniel Craig one was weird. The rest are brilliant… =D

  19. Camnio Media


  20. Captian Obvious

    And there are some people in the world starving right now.

  21. Parketi

    wow… what imagination. I like the bread bird…

  22. Carsten

    funny. I like the “world” apple most

  23. Noelene

    Wow so weird but awesome

  24. UK Foodie

    They are all so cool!

  25. Blattman

    Can the person who did the Daniel Craig pop do one of Taylor Lautner?

  26. Airy

    @Blattman: only if it is ridiculously fruity…

  27. Utsi

    really love it……. :)

  28. badgirl

    i want some daniel crook in my mouth too ;) ;)

  29. senorita

    now IM hungry for a daniel craig…sicle

  30. Maria

    I loved the FROG!!!

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