Creative Uses of Cars in Advertising

Creative Uses of Cars in Advertising

See what happens when companies use real cars in their creative advertising campaigns, the results are truly impressive…

Motorola RAZR Car Advertisement

Giant Motorola RAZR cell phone smashed into a car in Russia.

Motorola RAZR Car Advertisement

F1 Car on a Building

Cool Formula 1 advertisement promotes Turkish F1 Grand Prix.

F1 Car Building Advertisement

Sony Grass Car

To celebrate Sony’s commitment to offsetting carbon emissions caused by their corporate travel, they created a living breathing grass car and parked it around various public locations in Sydney, Australia.

Sony Grass Car

Denver Water Car

Clever water saving awareness campaign in Denver reminds people to use only what they need. Purchase used cars instead of new ones.

Denver Water Car

K-Swiss Car Advertisement

Great cross promotion between K-Swiss and a tennis tournament resulted in this fantastic ad campaign.

K-Swiss Car Advertisement

SMART Car Vending Machine

Real SMART car was placed in a giant vending machine in Japan.

SMART Car Vending Machine

Universal Studios King Kong Ad

Large footprints were left in the sand on Santa Monica beach, complete with a crushed vehicle, to promote new King Kong 3-D attraction.

Universal Studios King Kong Advertisement

Mercedes Car Billboard

Mercedes marketing team managed to put a real car on a billboard.

Mercedes Car Billboard

Formula 1 Bus Stop

This awesome F1 themed bus stop was used to promote Formula 1’s first ever night race in Singapore.

Formula 1 Bus Stop

Nike Car Advertisement

Creative FIFA World Cup advertising campaign by Nike.

Nike Car Advertisement

Alfa Romeo Shopping Cart

As part of a clever promotion campaign in Belgium’s busiest shopping centers, Alfa Romeo placed their MiTo cars inside shopping carts.

Alfa Romeo Shopping Cart

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  1. praveen

    Alfa Romeo Shopping Cart is nice…great work

  2. Andrew

    Sony Grass Car – it’s nice

  3. 2LV2

    Go Alfa!

  4. Rasnidhi

    Very nice collection…….

  5. Vibha

    Good Ones!

  6. Jani

    Superb Ideas :)

  7. ryan


  8. Michalexpromo

    Alfa Romeo Shopping Cart is really the best. Most of them are cars crushed by big things – not really that creative if you ask me.

  9. Ben

    Excellent ! Love it! Thanks

  10. James Anzalone

    The Moterolla and Mercedes combination was great. I saw it as more of a campaigne against using a phone and driving than a promotion for a Razor phone.

  11. aditia

    this is nice, I usually get bored when watching add with cool car and famous model too, but this is very different & creative

  12. timmay

    alfa!!! woot woot.


    Smart car vending machine is boss xD
    But yeah, I agree with James, guess it works both ways. =P

  14. Jesse

    Check out the billboard for Bloom Muffin Tops.

  15. Karin L.


  16. Tyron Bache

    Awesome, my fav is the king king beach one!

  17. simon

    alfa romeo & grass car’s are so cool

  18. Emre

    the turkish one is the best one :)

  19. Auswendig

    Did you notice the bird on the F1 in turkish advert? :)) love the shopping cart ad. ;)

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