Light and Shadow Paintings

Light and Shadow Paintings

Beautiful and creative shadow art by Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan.

Instead of using regular paintbrushes, talented artist paints on walls by shining light through carefully arranged objects.

Created shadows form images of people, cities, and landscapes.

Rashad Alakbarov Shadow Art

Rashad Alakbarov

Shadow Art

Shadow Writing

Shadow City

Shadow Painting

Light Painting

For more inspiration, check out: Art Created Using Shadows

  1. The Thinking Insomniac

    This is CRAZY!!!! CRAZY AWESOME!!!

  2. Lilia Smiles

    I totally agree with The Thinking Insomniac! This is amazing, it takes skill to envision an image using objects, light and perspective.

  3. anddangit

    I thought the face was amazing, then I saw the last one… just blew my mind away

  4. Douglas

    This guy is a founding member of Mensa, has constant headaches, and can’t sleep.

  5. Nisa Zul

    love it so much.. so creative & genius!

  6. Dominic

    Mad Awesome Crazy Amazing

  7. neelam


  8. Betty


  9. Art of Concept

    Pretty creative!

  10. MasterOche

    New meaning to finger shadows!!!

  11. Josh


    That last one is incredible!

  12. Shandya

    the last one just blew my mind!

  13. Desko

    There isn’t need words….


  14. Feer

    creative :D



  16. Jason

    If this is real, it is truly amazing. And I am not questioning it’s authenticity, but… on the last one, what hanging object exactly is creating the large blue water area on the wall? Like I said, it’s incredible and I would never be able to comprehend how this is done. That last one just doesn’t quite look right to me though. Hope that doesn’t ruin anyone’s impression of the brilliance here.

  17. Maseki

    This is just Crazy, Damn! the coloured one must have taken years to make. Nice Work Very Nice Indeed.

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