Famous Transformers

Famous Transformers

Iconic cars from popular movies and TV shows transform into giant robots.

“If They Could Transform” – series of illustrations by Darren Rawlings.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Darren Rawlings

89 Batmobile

Batman Transformer


TMNT Transformer


A-Team Transformer


Darren Rawlings Transformers

Gran Torino

Grand Torino Transformer

Mad Max

Mad Max Transformer

66 Batmobile

Batmobile Transformer

Monster Truck

Monster Truck Transformer

Speed Racer

Speed Racer Transformer


KITT Transformer


Akira Transformer

Dukes of Hazard

Dukes of Hazard Transformer


DeLorean Transformer

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  1. Fillibert

    Car themed robots I would say. Transformers are supposed to give you the illusion that one becomes the other but these have obvious parts that would not fit (VW bug door areas for ex)

  2. Sr. F

    Yeah! 1960s batmobile!

  3. Mark

    That was fun.

  4. Swiper Fox

    I’ve seen the two Batmobile transform into robots. One version is operated by Batman; another one has its own Artificial Intelligence.

    Herbie should transform like the G1 Transformer “Bumblebee” since they are both Volkswagen Beetles.

    This K.I.T.T. Transformer looks like a Decepticon car drone. In the next K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Three Thousand) drove by Michael Knight’s son also named Michael Knight; K.I.T.T.’s archenemy K.A.R.R. (Knight Automated Roving Robot) has his own version of a Transformer.

  5. TheRealCancerFighter

    K.I.T.T. is the best. He looks like decepticon Soundwave in transformers Prime… But his vehicle form is indestructible, and he’s a boat car. His AI chip would make him fight alongside and protect Micheal Knight from anyone… Like Garth Knight and Goliath (Please do that one next)

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