Bookshelf Apartment

Bookshelf Apartment

Modern apartment designed by French-Brazilian architecture firm Triptyque.

The main wall was covered with wavy bookshelves that unify the entire apartment and offer plenty of storage space. [photos by Leonardo Finotti]

Bookcase Kitchen

Bookcase Wall

Bookcase Apartment



Modern Bookcase

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  1. sean

    i’m wondering… where did i left that book? maybe here… or here, maybe there! or was it there??

  2. Mark

    Plenty of crannies to put your nook.

  3. spencerc6

    That’s hot.

  4. Nemo


  5. simonq

    I hate book’s

  6. Ron

    omg this is my dream apartment right here! (well, for the first month. When it comes time to dust off the surfaces, it’d be more of a nightmare…)

  7. Bajo

    Not comfortable for living…

  8. Larna

    I wonder, why are most parts empty?

  9. Dinosaur

    @simonq that’s probably why you made “books” a possessive instead of a plural. Books actually help grammar.

  10. bert

    exactly, is it really an apartment? or more like a show room

  11. quentin

    nice, but a bit like a chilling zone in a space station.

  12. Gert

    I mostly see lots of wasted space. Perhaps it’s just me.

  13. Brittany Rubinstein

    These are very cool, but apartments? Maybe a secret library hidden away in a mansion somewhere. That’d be awesome.

  14. kaeshi

    Wow, who’s gonna clean those up?

  15. Glenn Contreras

    I don’t have so many books! xD

  16. dean

    One Kindle renders one hell of a lot of misused space. :)

  17. Ieva

    This is SO nice! So simply looking. I would lovee living here!

  18. Erily33

    Funny that with all the “book”shelves, there really doesn’t seem to be that many books ON the shelves.

  19. AK

    What?!? a TV??? In a book-focused apartment?? Odd, odd, odd.

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