World’s Tallest Climbing Wall

Worlds Tallest Climbing Wall

The world’s highest man-made climbing wall is located in the Netherlands.

Excalibur tower at the Bjoeks climbing center in the town of Groningen is 121 feet [37 meters] tall with an overhang of 36 feet [11 meters].

Climbing Wall


Excalibur Climbing Wall

Bjoeks Climb Center

Tallest Climbing Wall

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  1. jonas

    how many stories is that?

  2. killann

    ^^^^^ 12 stories

  3. Kristina

    That is so awesome!

  4. hao

    it looks like it’s going to tip over any minute.

  5. steven

    hoooooly cow my feet tingle alwready

  6. jaqi mugo

    Oh heavenly Father!

  7. Cindy Auligny

    I want to conquer that climbing wall. Awesome!

  8. NoƩ

    How Exciting! Wish we had one here in the States. Sign me up

  9. Nemo

    Awesome! Wanna test it)

  10. gnarf

    hmmmmmmmmn french fries!

  11. Bringa

    that shape is actually really beautiful!

  12. The Hooded claw

    Looks like a giant cheese string!

  13. Ti @ Cafe

    Wow………if you lose grip of the wall on the side that curves over, you are an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder.

    Then, that might just be me, I am not that good at climbing.

  14. timb

    i hope there’s an elevator back down?….

  15. Art of Concept

    Looks cool, I wanna try it!! Nice design!

  16. cheapo

    And it’s only 10euros for a day pass! Cheap, at least by American urban-area indoor gym standards.

  17. Raymond

    Kite Aerial Photography by Eric Kieboom.

    Luckily I live in the Netherlands and just finished the beginners course :p

  18. Don

    I also live in holland.. and its fun… but I think the design is terrible, 1 big ass wind flow and tower is gone..

  19. Miezl

    For all those upcoming Spidermen amongst us…. ;-)

  20. gimp

    @ ti @ cafe
    hahha love your joke from the big bang theory ;D
    and yes we may be screwed :P

  21. Kolin

    brilliant concept, one side for easy routes, one side for difficult routes

  22. Alberto


  23. Gah

    I have a fear of heights, that thing’s scaring me just looking at the pics lol.

  24. afshin

    very nice !!!

  25. Myself

    I’ve got a fear of heights… yet I REALLY wanna climb it.

  26. wally barker

    that is so sick! love it.
    Wish it was around when I lived in the area!

  27. MDC2

    @jaqi mugo

    oh heavenly french fry

  28. Patries

    It is allmost next to my house! So funny to see it here on the website :D

  29. David

    Imagine setting a route on that…could take an entire day.

  30. Gaggy

    In Switzerland we have a 160 meter climbing wall… this is just a tiny wall compare to it… just tell the truth!

  31. acecamonte

    Its 37m tall right? So do you climb it single pitch with an 80m rope (if so make sure to a knot at the other end) or are there belay stations mid way?

  32. Jim Walldog

    In Yosemite there is a 3000 foot vertical climbing wall. And it’s actually made of rock. And it’s free.

  33. Randy Tognoni

    That is very impressive but not the worlds tallest. This is.


    They are clear when they say “free standing climbing wall”… made by man. On Yosemite it is a natural mountain. In Reno is almost 50 m. (not 160, that is feet) but attached to a building. So, they are right in saying “The tallest free standing climbing wall in the world”…


    I just learned that actually the tallest free standing climbing wall (almost 43 m), since Dec. 2011, is called “Historic Banning Mills”, located in Whitesburg, GA.

  36. tom

    Tip: don’t look down.

  37. Jucarii Copii

    Wow. Every man’s dream. The Highest human made rock climbing.

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