Apartment with a Slide

Apartment with a Slide

Turett Collaborative Architects have used a slide to combine two identical 1-bedroom apartments in New York City into a duplex 2-bedroom home.

Half-tube slide begins on the top floor near the office, and ends below near both the living and dining areas. [photos by Travis Dubreuil]

Indoor Slide

Condo with a Slide

Steel Slide


For more inspiration, check out: Innovative Apartment in Hong Kong

  1. EugiKo

    quick way to down ;) nice! I’d like to have one like this in my apartment :)

  2. Connor

    I like it, but it takes up a lot of space. A fire pole would be more space efficient, but not as much of a hit with little kids.

  3. Cola

    Its not that big of a deal space wise…Its a freakin’ slide. You can form shelves around it, like, you just gotta get creative! I don’t think this person will have a problem doing that.

  4. Jonathan

    Does that staircase not do down?

  5. David Atman

    Amazing! But where’s the swing set?

  6. ugh

    It brings out the child in us all

  7. Mark

    i like how it resembles duct work almost

  8. Hina Batool

    wow! I like it a lot love to have one in my apartment as well.

  9. Nisa Zul

    cool! :D

  10. simas

    Quick way to down

  11. Danyell

    @ Johnathan – There’s this thing called “fun”…

  12. pampalas

    we had something like that in my country, about 20 years ago, in a movie called “we are not angels”, and it went 2 stories down so it’s not quite brand new idea

  13. latincrow

    bet it gets old real quick though

  14. Erik van Erne

    Great. Take the slide to go down and the staircase to go up.

    Takes a lot of space in a small appartment, but funny for the kids

  15. jason

    Not sure how that could EVER get old

  16. sanna

    I want one :(

  17. Art of Concept

    This looks like a lot of fun!!!
    I agree with Ugh!

  18. zahraa

    the designer seems like cylindrical shapes

  19. quentin

    If i had the money for an apartment like this, i would install an elevator…

  20. Natassja

    Honestly how could you not like something like this. Feeling a little kidish, take a slide down the slide and feel free and young.

  21. Lilly

    i think the colour and material of the slide dont fit with the house…makes it look a little too industrial.

  22. Doink


    You just want the fire pole to bring in strippers :D

  23. Pete

    @Jonathan. Sorry, that’s a one-way staircase, very common in NYC.

    Love the slide :)

  24. nino

    You got two big slides in museum of modern art in ZAGREB, Croatia…

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