LEGO Mathematics

LEGO Mathematics

School teacher Alycia Zimmerman uses LEGO bricks to explain and teach mathematics to her 3rd grade students.

Try it on your kids and inspire them to learn while they play with LEGO.

Alycia Zimmerman LEGO

LEGO Arithmetic

Scholastic LEGO

Alycia Zimmerman LEGO Math

Alycia Zimmerman


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  1. Jake

    WOW! Excellent! A Teacher worth her pay and more!

  2. Gert

    My mom taught me fractions measuring fabric, or rather reading the backs of fabric envelopes to me and taking me to the fabric store to buy the correct amount if you made 2 things from one total piece.

    Legos would have worked too. A good teacher uses the device that reaches the student.

  3. Eran

    Using different shapes and colors to describe similar fractures might be confusing.

    Better use Cuisenaire rods

  4. Shilov

    Love this. A little thought goes a long way in creating better education techniques.

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