Engine Repair Playset

Engine Repair Playset

Educational playset designed for aspiring mechanics will teach your kids how to pop the hood, change the oil, and tinker with the car engine.

After completing the repair job, little mechanic in training can even turn the ignition key and hear realistic engine sounds. [order]

Car Repair Set

Mechanic Playset

Car Repair Playset

Engine Repair Set

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  1. todd

    sure, teach them kids to service a combustion engine, see how long they will need that skill #oilrunningout

  2. John

    What a great idea! This looks like way more fun than those kiddie-carpenter’s benches. (Especially if you’re more likely to see your ol’ man working on the car, than see him building a table.) I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything like this before now.

  3. Bill Madison

    Great idea! This should of been thought of years ago.

  4. Gert

    Silly Todd. Some people prefer classic cars and they won’t be making hydro lawn mowers any time soon.

  5. Rose


    Both fun and usefully educational.
    It is good to help the children aspire to be more than footballers, and their wives.

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