Talk to Your Kids About Art

Talk to Your Kids About Art

Series of posters encourages parents to talk to children about the dangers of illustration, sculpture, design, photography, and other kinds of art.

Remember “art is a powerful drug”. Learn the warning signs of art and help your kids choose a more appropriate profession, career, or hobby.

Warn them about painting, doodling, sculpting, and designing.

Helpful posters created by Team Detroit for “College for Creative Studies”.

Talk to Your Kids About Art School

Talk to Your Kids About Art Posters

Talk to Your Children About Art School

Dangers of Art

Talk to Your Children About Art

College for Creative Studies

Talk to Your Kids About Art Campaigns

Warn Children About Art

Warning Signs of Art

How to Talk to Children About Art

How to Talk to Kids About Art

Warn Kids About Art

The Warning Signs of Art

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  1. Sr. F


  2. Dave

    Yeah, get real job hippie.

  3. Gert

    Great job and really funny.

  4. mr P

    And I earn $130000 year, all from an illustration background

  5. TheRadicalRadish

    This is terrible. Some people have a gift for art and no one should hold them back. Think of a world without art, how bland would it be? And by saying that you are removing all sorts of art like making films, videos, poetry, music, all these are forms of art.

    I just disagree with it

  6. Rebuttle

    Um… TheRadicalRadish… This is satire. They are kidding around. They are encouraging art. Not sure how else to put it. The ads are for The College for Creative Studies.

  7. Betty


  8. jacklyn

    Love this <3

  9. Divinity C

    THis is totally awesome

  10. shadow

    couldn’t help but laugh at TheRadicalRadish’s comment. i’m so sorry. xD
    in all seriousness, this is amazing. really gives a good insight on what some people think about art nowadays. very nice concept here :)

  11. eddie

    “The Scream”-ing egg is the best.

  12. Humiamca

    I’m an Art teacher and I have these posters on my class walls. They get everyone’s attention. I love them!

  13. Donia

    Great art school marketing! My favorite is the paintbrushes: “Mom I was just holding those for a friend!”

    Also died laughing at TheRadicalRadish’s comment. ah, elusive satire…

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