Cube Animals

Square Animals

Series of unique photo manipulations features wild animals turned into cubes.

Cube and square animals by talented Indonesian artist Aditya Aryanto.

Animal Cubes

Aditya Aryanto Photo Manipulations

Aditya Aryanto

Cube Animals

Aditya Aryanto Indonesia

Aditya Aryanto Square Animals

Aditya Aryanto Animal Cubes

Aditya Aryanto Cube Animals

Aditya Aryanto Animal Squares

Aditya Aryanto Animals

Animal Squares

Aditya Aryanto Cubed Animals

Cubed Animals

Aditya Aryanto Cube

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  1. Critical Eye

    Thinking outside of the box!

  2. pootfisk_c_cake

    This reminds me of Minecraft.. :3

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