Wire Animals

Wire Animals

Realistic three-dimensional animals created out of painted galvanized wire.

Unique wire sculptures made by talented British artist Kendra Haste.

Kendra Haste

Kendra Haste Sculptures

Wire Animal Sculptures

Kendra Haste Wire Animals

3D Wire Animals

Realistic Wire Animals

Chicken Wire Animals

Artist Kendra Haste

British Artist Kendra Haste

Wire Artist Kendra Haste

Kendra Haste Sculpture

Kendra Haste Wire Animal Sculptures

Kendra Haste 3D Wire Animals

Wire Animal

Kendra Haste Realistic Wire Animals

Kendra Haste Chicken Wire Animals

Chicken Wire Animal Sculptures

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  1. John

    Wow. It’s amazing just how much “life” the artist managed to put into such a cold, lifeless material. I never would have imagined you could achieve so much detail from chicken wire. I’m completely impressed.

  2. Pearl Lambie


  3. Zaher Sahyoun

    Amazing, what an art! i like

  4. Rebekah Wong

    Wow! For a hard metal, the creatures look so life-like and soft! Real acomplishment! Love it.

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