Animals Painted on Human Bodies

Animals Painted on Human Bodies

Craig Tracy creates amazing paintings by using naked people as his canvas.

South China Tiger

This body painting was created to help save the most endangered tiger in the world, as well as to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Tiger (2010).

Craig Tracy Tiger


Craig Tracy Body Painting

Craig Tracy


The artist realized that the human form and this magnificent Panther were meant to be paired. He visualized the backside of a shapely female and the Panther’s face, together as one.

Craig Tracy Panther

Panther Body Painting

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  1. Jahangir

    This is called a “PERFECT” illussion.

    Artist is really playing with viewers eyes and mind.

  2. James


  3. url00

    I don’t know about this one… What’s the point of it being a body painting? I wouldn’t even have noticed that it was a body painting if I wasn’t told ahead of time.

  4. Koi Koi

    Interesting take on body paint. Me likey.

  5. Lau

    A W E S O M E

  6. Brittany Rubinstein

    Wow. That’s incredible! I would have never realized that was a body.

  7. Larna

    Again with the ‘whats the point’ question.
    Duh…thats why its called Art!

    Btw…imagine how the painter’s painted the a**..hihi..

  8. Glenn Contreras

    This is just brilliant!

    What a genius!!!

  9. Ollie

    Sounds like a good excuse to play with that ladies bottom

  10. pampalas

    i love that ass

  11. Lukerville

    I bet if she started bouncing the tiger would look like it’s talking.

  12. Shashika


    and, that’s why I think it’s brilliant!

  13. 4MIN

    This is just super, how lovely women endure so much time yet to be ready to all work on the super pictures.

  14. Sunny

    Inspiring but meaningless.

  15. Reilly


  16. Arabian

    the great idea perfect done and no one can really know these R painted bodies till U say

  17. Harold

    I love the other side! :)

  18. Jamshed

    this is awesome!

  19. LU

    It will fill good to have an artist working on your ass, literaly

  20. ccc

    How can it be meaningless? Isn’t that it’s meaning? To inspire?

  21. Enrico Martinez

    an ass-piring visual art.

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