Folding Landscapes

Folding Landscapes

Aerial drone photography used to create folding landscapes that will remind you of action scenes from Christopher Nolan’s movie Inception.

Series of folding landscapes by talented photographer Aydin Buyuktas.

Folding Landscape

Drone Photography

Aydin Buyuktas

Aydin Buyuktas Photography

Aydin Buyuktas Inception Folding Landscapes

Aydin Buyuktas Folding Landscape

Aydin Buyuktas Folding Landscapes

Aydin Buyuktas Folding Landscapes Photography

Aydin Buyuktas Inception Photography

Inception Folding Landscape

Aydin Buyuktas Inception Folding Landscape

Aydin Buyuktas Inception

Inception Folding Landscapes


Folding Landscape Photography

Inception Photography

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  1. Peter

    I Think it’s a nice experiment but quickly executed, not taking details such as shadows into account. I could see this as a filter for a photo app.

  2. Steffen

    @Peter: You did recognize that it actually needs two photos (one in front, one from from above/drone) minimum to get this effect done, didn’t you?
    It’s no abra cadabra one-two-tap thing…

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