Dragon Hoodie

Dragon Hoodie

Stylish hoodie designed by CosplayCanada will transform you into a Dragon.

“Cute Dragon Hoodie” comes with velcro detachable tail and escape claws.

Available in different colors. Perfect hoodie for a fan of Game of Thrones.


Game of Thrones Hoodies

Game of Thrones Hoodie

Cosplay Canada

Cute Dragon Hoodie

Dragon Hoodies

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  1. Falcy

    I want one.
    reminds me of how to train a dragon

  2. Pearl Lamie

    They’re great but at $400 each, i think not.

  3. shadow

    I WANT

  4. Barrie Hall

    Wow, they still make these. Their work is amazing I have seen it up close before. Guys this much work requires the 400 price tag.

  5. Roxie

    Why so much? :,(

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