Walk on Water with TU FiN

Walk on Water

It is now possible to “walk on water” with TU FiN, a 26-foot boat powered by a walking exercise machine.

TU FiN was created for a student competition by a group of talented designers from Germany. It is big enough to carry a passenger up front, and can reach top speed of 6.5 knots.

Walk on Water with TU FiN 2

Walk on Water with TU FiN 3

Walk on Water with TU FiN 4

Walk on Water with TU FiN 5

Walk on Water with TU FiN

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  1. Elliot

    How do you… turn?

  2. Emil

    You… move only one arm to turn I think?

    Otherwise, looks like a complete workout.

  3. Bumi-Langit

    whoaaa very interesting

  4. mohammad abaszade


  5. timmay

    looks awesome!! alot better then regular canoes exercise wise anyway. But what would happen when u come to some rapids?

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