Paintings Made of Food

Paintings Made of Food

Clever advertising campaign for Magimix kitchen appliances features classic paintings recreated out of various fruits and vegetables.

Magimix – “Only the exceptional last” by Y&R creative agency from Israel.

The Son of Man

The Son of Man Made of Food


Picasso Made of Food

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Made of Food

For more food art, check out: National Flags Made Out of Food

  1. Douglas

    Cut up veggies, make picture, take picture, throw away. Lame.

  2. Sharyn

    The first & last ones were really great and there’s no doubt which painting they are. I wouldn’t have guessed the Picasso one if it wasn’t captioned.

  3. Cyberdemon

    Cut up veggies, make picture, take picture, eat. Tasty.

  4. reason

    I would say nice try, but, whatever.

  5. Betty

    Very clever–I love it!

  6. Charles

    Creative work by artistic mind… Nice mate you did really great work.

  7. Glitto

    Now we can say playing with food is not always bad :)

  8. Gert

    Obviously made for a dip. ha ha.

  9. Enrico Martinez

    I once read an article (I forgot where but I think it was here on Toxel) that a mother arrange her kid’s lunch box with healthy and delicious food imitating images of pacman, garfield, angry birds, hello kitty, goofy, micky mouse, etc.

  10. looloo

    this reminds me of the balloon art…same artist??

  11. Enrico Martinez

    I don’t think it would classify as “PAINTINGS”.
    I think its more as “MOSAIC” art.
    (I may be wrong, you know.)

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