Unique and Stylish Glass Doors

Unique and Stylish Glass Doors

Series of beautiful sliding doors designed by Italian company OTCDoors.

Each glass door is decorated with unique and colorful design that will add something special to the interior of any modern home or office.

Beautiful Glass Door

Glass Door

Stylish Glass Door

Sliding Door

Modern Glass Door

Beautiful Door

Glass Sliding Door

Unique Sliding Door

Unique Door

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  1. bananaz

    love them.

  2. Sharyn

    Wow! They’re awesome. Would love any of them except the giant Audrey Hepburn, I think it would freak me out a little

  3. jumanicus

    the general idea is a bit outdated to me, a bit 70’s, with the exception of new age art and handles

  4. Betty

    Some of these are nice–a couple are sort of tacky like the roses.

  5. Khaled

    i don’t like them

  6. Rosetta

    It would be better if the Fat Lady was in there

  7. enav

    i don’t get why people love so much ipod style stuff… i don’t like those black and white houses

  8. Sam

    Swift. These would give a bathroom or office a few more style points.

  9. chazzzz

    I love them

  10. BincleBinc

    these are amazing!!! Love the Marilyn and blowball one :-)

  11. Danyell

    These are super tacky.

  12. Maria

    Dandelion and wave are the best!

  13. Raads

    @ Sam: notice how you said ‘bathroom’ or ‘office’, as if they are in any way similar! :D
    and I love the creativity of these, apart from the ones that have people on them, thats just plain creepy (but then I find pictures creepy full stop :S.)
    I really like the first few, but the seventh one down, is just ugly, like some 2 yr old kid decided to paintball the ordinary glass door with a dirty yellow, eugh!

  14. Juliee

    wow some of these are really stylish.

  15. Stefano


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