Amazing Underwater Sculptures

Amazing Underwater Sculptures

Jason deCaires Taylor creates incredible underwater sculptures that form artificial reefs and attract curious tourists from all over the globe.

Shifting sand of the ocean floor helps the sculptures evolve over time.


Underwater Sculptures

Underwater Sculptures in Grenada

Underwater Table

Underwater Table

Underwater Bike

Underwater Statues in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Underwater People

Underwater Crowd

Underwater Museum

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  1. julie

    I love it!

  2. Cory

    haha like a cross between altantis and pompeii. Quite severely cool.

  3. Patrick

    O_O woah

  4. gal

    how dare they pollute the ocean like that, do they even stop to think about the impact this has on the ocean

  5. Juan!!

    Absolutely beautiful!

  6. Karen

    actually, since this is pretty natural, they aren’t really polluting the ocean with anything, its all biodegradeable, and has no effect on the animals! it even may provide new homes for certain creatures, or new food sources!

  7. Celzn

    I totally agree with Karen.

    I don’t see anything negative from this work.

    I love it! :D

  8. Truthiness

    The ones with people standing around are a little too “Cabin by the Lake” to me.

  9. Bringa

    This is really beautiful, on the other hand I think that there should be some parts of the world which should remain untuched by the humans. We are alrady everywhere…

  10. chazzzz

    Bringa, I fully agree with the fact that some parts should be left untouched, but outwith this observation, these are very cool sculptures

  11. Juliana

    @ Gal

    Im pretty sure when they thought of making these they took into consideration the fact that it may cause some pollution and really i dont think it does so in other words lighten up im sure it dosent cause pollution

  12. Nataly

    I see it first time! Great!

  13. arpit

    cool ….underwater beauty

  14. Mel S.

    Wonderful concept, but having all their eyes closed makes
    it look like they have drowned.

  15. Ken

    i love it. pieces of art that inspire.

  16. Betty

    Having many hours of my childhood snorkeling in the Caribbean, I have to say, this is very cool, no detriment to the environment at all. In fact, if undersea sculptures attract tourists, it could be take some of the “heat” off of natural reefs, allowing them time to restore from the tourist traffic.
    I have to wonder what the thought is behind all the sculptures having closed eyes…less spooky I suppose, as of they are all sleeping. I absolutely love the image of the reef fish swimming gently around the legs and faces of the figures.

  17. devilsways

    if nothing remains on surface. atleast some proof will remain undrwater that we once lived :D

  18. Fillibert

    Dude if somebody doesn’t know it’s there and stumbles upon the heads they will have a heart attack.

  19. siana

    i love it, notice that all the eyes are closed =]

  20. wiex

    probably made for aliens who ‘ll visit our planet in the faraway future ;)
    anyway looks awesome

  21. Raads

    peaceful.. imagine that, underwater village almost, all they have left are the huts and stuff

  22. ALP

    Beautiful but kind of spooky sculptures (personally I would choose other ones).

    I just want to point out that we have to make more of these sculptures so underwater life will keep growing. Coral reefs are threatened by rising sea temperatures, that oceans become acidic, wrecks, when local fishermen use explosives and overexposure of tourism.

    Therefore it is important to do everything in our power to save these beautiful coral reefs future. According to the tourism part I believe that the tourist visits should be limited for example by a high prise. And of couse the money should go to maintenance of coral reefs.

  23. Moo

    This is so chilling and beautiful. I would probably pee my pants if I was just snorkeling and happened to randomly come across some of these. Luckily I would be underwater… ha…ha…..

  24. Arabian


  25. rain

    The Silent OF OUR LIFE’S SO AMaZiNg

  26. Gabi

    Very beautiful.

  27. Gabi

    @Gal maybe if you researched the artist you would know that he makes the sculptures to build artificial reefs because so many coral reefs have been destroyed. The idea is to help the ocean and its inhabitants by rebuilding habitat and creating beautiful art at the same time.

  28. Nesher

    Unbelievable! Very powerful impression. I guess it is much stronger when you see that within.

  29. Suretha

    Beautifull!! To the artist. Thanks for your time and effert to save the coralreefs of the ocean.

  30. GBLUE

    and then they remembered the coral they carved was an animal O_o lol

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