House with Climbing Wall

House with Climbing Wall

Modern house designed by Naf architects features rock climbing wall that allows people to climb from one floor to the next.

3 Way House is located in Tokyo, Japan. Integrated climbing wall begins on the first level and ends on the roof.

There are also ladders and stairs for people who do not want to climb.

Apartment for Rock Climbers

Indoor Climbing Wall

Climbing House

Rock Climbing Apartment

3way House by Naf Architect

3 Way House

Climbing Wall Apartment

Rock Climbing House

3 Way House by Naf Architects

House for Rock Climbers

3way House

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  1. kadal

    love this one….so much fun, and well designed

  2. Mary Jane

    Well designed? We’ll see about that when someone plummets off that wall, into that glass, and onto the dining room table. Seems like a great way to ruin thanksging.

  3. ayisharu

    nice and fun..
    but I’m quite concerned with its safety, especially if there are kids in the house

  4. Max

    So of all the materials they can use to soften the fall they use glass and concrete?

  5. Dương

    This house is not for children

  6. Matt

    climbers paradise…. I would like some stairs for when I’m feeling lazy tho

  7. Dj

    At that Hight you need to climb top rope. But there are no fixtures for the rope to go. Not safe

  8. mi

    @Mary Jane I’m with you…no logic

  9. Gert

    @Mary Jane, you made me LOL. Thanks. I agree though, great concept.. poor execution.

  10. POM

    Love the opening at the roof with a railing with no guard, the openings in the floors for the ladders and no guard railing around the openings and the door out to …. well, watch that first step. Hope the ladder is anchored.

  11. Mark


    C’mon over and have a few beers. We’e gonna scale our dining room wall tonight! Saw this on Toxel. Safety cord? We don’t need no stinking safety cord. Done this a hundred times. Watch. C R A S H! P O W! Someone call 911. I don’t know how this could’ve happened! LOL.

  12. Bhima

    Smart design, but not safe for children.

  13. Abram Herman

    ^^^Not climbers^^^

    Yeah, the landings are kind of sketchy, but this isn’t somewhere you’d be pushing your limit on really hard climbing problems. I’d feel perfectly comfortable climbing on this, it’s more of a novelty than anything.

  14. jimbo

    Weather might be a minor consideration… ya know. Even if Concrete and Glass aren’t deal breakers (no pun intended) breaking and entering might be a small concern too, assuming glass panels can’t be broken or removed.

  15. Pearl Lamie

    No big crime problem in Japan. My mom in Yokohama didn’t even lock her door until recently and then only because the American kids from the nearby base might break in.

  16. Me

    You guys worried about safety, it’s not a problem if the people living in it have a mediocre or greater intelligence and a little bit of athletic ability.
    I would trust my whole immediate family with this.

    I think it’s more of a custom built type of thing, you build it for yourself, not someone else. If you trust yourself with it, it should be fine.

  17. Stan

    To dangerous(

  18. Dominic

    Definitely not my house!

  19. Kittu

    Interesting… but very specifically for ppl who love climbing all the time! One this is for sure 5 times put and down and i’m going to crash on the sofa at night!!

  20. Ru

    How to stop Grandma from visiting!

    In all seriousness though, I do like it a lot. It’s a novelty, and it’s not for everyone. I’d put a comfy sofa on the ground floor so I could crash after a night out!

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