World’s Largest Skateboard

Worlds Largest Skateboard

Giant skateboard built by Joe Ciaglia and the team at California Skateparks.

Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, the board is 3 feet 7 1/2 inches tall, 8 feet 8 inches wide and 36 feet 7 inches long.

Large Skateboard

Big Skateboard

Giant Skateboard

Worlds Largest Skateboard Disaster


The Worlds Largest Skateboard

Worlds Biggest Skateboard

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  1. hello yellow

    awesome. i would like to own one!
    hahah it looks like a giant kid left his skateboard at a park.

  2. Anna

    How does it move and how do you stop it from crashing?

  3. Y. tsye

    there must be a controller

  4. Cory

    Y tsye it was in an episode of Rob Dyrdeks fantasy factory, and he just rode it down a closed off street in LA, no controls

  5. Michael

    Honey, I blew up the board! hahahaha


    Anna, I’m guessing the pull it around with a car, and when they get to a hill, they give it a push and jump on.

  7. febri

    Skateboarding on top of skateboard? Cool…

  8. brian



    Forget taking the bus! LOL!

  10. Darkened Soul

    k, this is quite a cool stunt here, will mention it on one of my websites somewhere, great stuff!

    Makes me wanna skateboard again :d

  11. tylor

    rob good job man thats crazy a wanna skate with my board on it like you did.

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