Tire Baby Carrier

Tire Baby Carrier

Baby carrier designed by Elad Hoffman is made out of recycled rubber tire.

Great idea to recycle car tires and inner tubes into secure baby carriers.

Elad Hoffman

Elad Hoffman Baby Carrier

Elad Hoffman Tire Baby Carrier

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  1. louis

    You could also turn used water bottles into milk bottles and abandoned shopping carts into prams.

  2. aokiharu

    Hum.. besides the fact that it’s horrible, it doesn’t seem to be really ‘secure’ to me.

  3. Patrick McGinty

    I agree. It is not very secure. I’d be worried about a squirming child falling out the side. How is the child held in place when putting it on or taking it off. What’s going to keep the one size bottles from popping out. Tires contain heavy metals and other pollutants. I don’t like the thought of my child cozying up to a rubber tire, even if it is covered.

  4. Cj

    And smelly.

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