15 Cool and Unusual Chess Sets

Cool and Unusual Chess Sets

Collection of the most creative and unusual chess sets from all over the world.

Lens Chess Set

Unique chess set made using real Canon and Nikon camera lenses.

Camera Lens Chess Set

War of 1812 Chess Set

Awesome hand carved wooden chess set features two war ships.

War of 1812 Chess Set

Cardboard Chess Set

Modern chess set with unique chess pieces made out of cardboard.

Cardboard Chess Set

Wobble Chess Set

Curved landscape stabilizes freely quivering chess pieces, creating a lively interaction between chess board and pieces.

Wobble Chess Set

Mario Chess Cake

Play chess and then eat the chocolate cake and fondant figures.

Super Mario Chess Set Cake

Transparent Chess Set

“Alice through the Looking Glass” inspired chess set with chess pieces that become transparent when they touch the board.

Transparent Chess Set

Key Chess Set

This unusual chess set was designed by Dave Pickett around the function of skeleton keys.

Key Chess Set

LED Chess Set

This innovative glowing chess set allows you to play in the dark.

LED Chess Set

LEGO Star Wars Chess Set

Star Wars: A New Hope LEGO chess set made by Brandon Griffith.

LEGO Star Wars Chess Set

Straight Up Chess Set

Vertical wall mounted chess board. Innovative new way to play and display your prized chess set.

Straight Up Chess Set

3D Chess Board

Unique chess board adds an extra dimension to the game of chess.

3D Chess Board

Giant Chess Set

Giant Chess Set

Edible Chess Set

Not only will you have the satisfaction of taking a chess piece, but you can eat it as well.

Edible Chess Set

Chalk Chess

Beautifully crafted pieces are made from black and white chalk.

Chalk Chess

Ice Chess Set

Silicone ice mold creates frozen chess pieces. Ice your competition before your king melts…

Ice Chess Set

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  1. van

    cant wait for the 4-d chess set

  2. bananaman

    i live near where the giant chess set is. i dont remember what the name is, but theres a place that i went to in elementary school for a field trip. i remember seeing that giant chess board there. i have no idea why they had it there, cause it was in the middle of a garden…

    well then again, it could just be a giant chess set that someone bought in the picture.

  3. Darrell

    Ah. The Wobble Chess Set. So simple. Sooo cooool!

  4. Ninja Egg :D

    Ive seen the wobble chess set before. They r all cool. I love the cake one. The cardboard looks cool but it seems like it would break easily or something.

  5. kadal

    wobble chess set was the best…..most wanted.!!!!

  6. Ben

  7. Saadieq

    Straight up chess set is quite cool!

  8. gunneos

    vertical chess set is nice. LED one looks cool until you realise you can’t see the actual board you’re playing on

  9. Househangover

    Wobble and the transparent are the best!

  10. Theobama

    The cardboard one would be cool if it wasn’t cardboard. The Straight-Up one would be fantastic if the wasn’t a back on it and it could be played between the cells in a county jail.

    Wobble and transparent are the best for sure.

  11. lili

    Love the wobble chess set but the ice one is pointless.

  12. Glenn Contreras

    3D chess is brilliant!

  13. Juliee

    Pffft. And people say chess is boring.

  14. Anya

    The giant chess sets are fairly common, I’ve seen them in several cities. The vertical board is very cool though, a nice marriage of function and decor:-)

  15. nate

    i think the transparent board will make the game of chess a bit more difficult and confusing, also my uncle has a giant chess board but its less smaller and its made out of marble

  16. Karl

    I should hope it’s smaller if it’s marble. Playing a game with marble pieces this size would require a crane, at the least you’d have to get your opponent to help you move, which might be a lot to ask. Imagine the physical effort of exchanging queens!

  17. Ernest

    This is going to sound crazy. Played chess once on a deeply laminated board that had deep imaging starting with the distorted faces that made up the surface squares. The pieces had beveled or arched bottoms and would wobble almost in a move me manner. I believe the set originated from China. Trippy. Anyone heard of or have played on such a set?

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