Cave Hotel in Turkey

Cave Hotel in Turkey

Located in the ancient village of Urgup, this amazing hotel was carved into the side of a mountain.

Yunak Evleri hotel includes 6 cave houses with modern bathrooms and 30 private cave rooms dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries.

Hotel in a Cave

Living in a Cave

Yunak Evleri Hotel

Cave Room


Ancient Hotel

Modern Bathroom

Turkey Cave Hotel

Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel

Cave Hotel

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  1. Lizzy Marquez


  2. ran

    cool…… i wanna go there someday, great place for a pleasure

  3. Sam

    We went to a similar place in Iran a couple of years ago. We drove from Erope to Asia, and stopped by in this nice place near Tabriz. The place was named Kandovan, with a small town basically built itn he same sand-stone caves (as is the hotel above).
    Pretty place with convenient price. We even had our own spa in our room.
    They wouldn’t serve drinks at all though.

  4. Christian

    i’d be puffing on that hookah all day long haha

  5. ashika rele


  6. Rob

    Awesome love it!

  7. Lucky

    been there, quite a nice place ;)

  8. sandra


  9. fatima.abdullah

    It is so amazing i wanna go there>>>))))

  10. Yuri

    very beautiful

  11. Porter

    Beautiful. I really like the bathroom and the whole set-up during the night shot.

  12. kadal

    wow…feels like playing Prince of Persia game

  13. izzet

    Turkey, and the like that a lot of places to visit and spend time there. I invite you to see the beauty of our country as soon as possible ..
    You will not regret ..

  14. Glenn Contreras

    The zone with couch is so nice!!!

    The Hotel could be named “once upon a time…” =P

  15. ann

    Just went to Turkey! Most the hotels in Urgup/ Goreme have cave rooms, not just this one. Yunak Evleri does look especially beautiful though!

  16. Rebekah

    Seems a shame if there are no untouched originals

  17. Sandra

    It’s so great… :)) I would love to go there :)

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