Spaghetti Measuring Tool

Spaghetti Measuring Tool

Creative and useful tool designed by Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson will help you properly measure spaghetti portions.

Use the “I Could Eat a Horse” pasta measuring tool to quickly and easily determine the amount of spaghetti you need to cook.

Different portion sizes for adults, kids, and the entire family. [order]

I Could Eat a Horse

I Could Eat a Horse

Spaghetti Measure

Pasta Measure

I Could Eat a Horse by Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson

Pasta Measuring Tool

I Could Eat a Horse Spaghetti Measuring Tool

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  1. shadow

    so creative! :D

  2. poet

    Could definitely eat a horse :)

  3. stefano

    oh my god, I am a horse..

  4. Jimmy

    What so this determines the amount you eat? How??

  5. Dumbo

    I don’t even register on this scale when I cook spaghetti. I would be a somewhere between a cow or an elephant I think. I would be still very hungry aftwards if I would apply the adult male measurement when cooking spaghetti.

  6. Gert

    Jimmy, it’s called humor. Try it out :D

    Also thanks for the LOL. After the night I had I needed one.

  7. Phillip

    This is a crazy but interesting idea

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