14 Weird and Unusual Shoes

14 Weird and Unusual Shoes

Collection of modern shoes and unusual shoe designs that will help you stand out of the crowd.

Zoe Heels

Designed by German industrial designer Christian Werner.

Zoe Heels

Wireframe Shoes

Wireframe heels – creative wire sculpture by Polly Verity.

Wireframe Shoes

Origami Shoes

Designed by Catherine Meute, these cool shoes have to be folded by the consumer. Therefore, production costs are significantly reduced.

Origami Shoes

Gold Shoes

High heels made from solid gold, shown in Wuhu, Anhui Province.

Gold Shoes

Glass Shoes

Martin Margiela has gone all transparent with these glass slippers that look straight from the Cinderella fairy tale.

Glass Shoes

Toeless Shoes

Creative experimental shoe design by Annejet Kosters.

Toeless Shoes

Hoof Shoes

Possibly the world’s most unusual shoes by Iris Schieferstein.

Hoof Shoes

High Heel Sneakers

Ash high heel sneakers combine casual with formal footwear.

High Heel Sneakers

Hair Shoes

Hair Shoes

Futuristic Shoes

London architect Julian Hakes has designed a pair of modern shoes with no foot plate.

Futuristic Shoes

Metal Shoes

Full Metal… no, not Jacket – SHOE!

Metal Shoes

Nail Heels

Nail Heels

Soleless Shoes

Unusual shoes by London design duo Maki Aminaka (Löfvander) and Marcus Wilmont (Aminaka Wilmont).

Soleless Shoes

High Chair Shoes

Inspired by a modern high chair, these heels will make you stand out.

High Chair Shoes

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  1. SC

    Love the glass slippers! And the futuristic ones definitely have an interesting concept.

  2. John Cloud

    Nail Heels, I really don’t understand how they can walk with this thing

  3. Hobo

    Do not know that these shoes comfortable?

  4. Sneha

    Ouch! Those nail shoes look so uncomfortable.

  5. Virginia

    The Nail Shoes can’t be shoes. The picture must be a joke. If the wearer tried to put any weight on the heel it would be excrutiatingly painful until it fell over. If the wearer took a step they would fall off. Notice that the model in the High Chair Shoes is seated. If she tried to stand up she would fall on her face. The only shoes of this group that looked at all interesting were the Origami Shoes and the Futuristic Shoes. They looked interesting not necessarily wearable.

  6. mostafa

    smart Futuristic Shoes!

  7. chelseafcrox

    yeah the practicality of these is minimal, especially the toeless varieties. Anyone for broken ankles or splinters?

  8. Karin Stewart

    Have you ever noticed that all the torturous excuses for shoes are designed for women. I don’t know of a man who has had bunion surgery except for dancers. The futuristic shoes does hole some promises for being Chic, wearable and not too uncomfortable.

  9. tech-mad

    all i can say is: owww…

  10. Binc

    Oh my… the hoof shoes creep me out!

  11. Kirvi Inci

    Personally I like the hoof shoes, but ony because they would be an interesting addition to a costume.

  12. Bob

    High chair shoes FTW!

  13. Leah

    The nail shoes are a good metaphor for women torturing their feet with heels. The automatic reaction of a viewer is “oh, wow, that can’t be comfortable. How impractical!” But we should have that reaction to MOST heels anyway — ask any podiatrist.

  14. Trudy

    These are so creative. I love the Zoe and the Origami ones.

  15. lara

    HOOF SHOES i like :) *clap*clap*

    soo unusual – Nail Shoes.
    haha. i wonder who will ever wear that kind of shoe :s

  16. Nikki

    I’m creeped out by the woman’s long toenail in the High Chair Shoes picture.

  17. diana rosen

    LOVE the origami shoes. I want a pair NOW!

  18. Joelle

    Almost traumatizing at times.

  19. Makismo

    Tbh, the best concept there (excluding “futuristic”) are the Sneaker Heels, i could easily see those getting in on the fashion world.

  20. Miss Luxury

    I’m speechless….

  21. Musik me & you!.

    That’s crazy who want to wear a shoes like that?…

  22. Cheryl D.

    Some of these shoes are so impractical. The nail ones arent even that cool looking, and must hurt. and the glass ones look very good, but might break while you’re wearing them and you be in the emergency room with a 2-inch piece of glass sticking out of your foot.

  23. jessica

    that is really creepy, but i would buy the first pair of shoes that it showed

  24. B

    Come on people… this is art. It’s not whether or not you would wear them. Geeze.

  25. @seemasugandh

    I love the futuristic shoes! The sneaker heels = been there, done that. The rest were very nice artistically speaking.

  26. Kyna

    Let’s get some SHOES!!!! Pretty creative! Still deciding which style I would get the most use of? Perhaps, the high heel tennis shoes?! Seriously?

  27. mari

    I friend has sneaker heels, they don’t look too good…

  28. Art By Ideity

    I love the “Soleless Shoe” Nice selection! Thanks for sharing.

  29. prettycupcake

    Some of these are just outrageous! Yeah sneaker shoes… have a pair in the closet.

    The weave shoes are just disgusting!

  30. Ang@DorotheasClosetVintage

    I love heels..hate to wear them! These are really fascinating shoes (I could do with less feet pics, but what can you do). I’ve always believed that men design and love high heels because they make a woman weak….teetering, wobbling, unable to get away quickly and therefore dependent. That said I still love them!

  31. odd man

    Do you really wear these shoes? i don’t….
    anyway looks funky!

  32. delere

    The hoof shoes are a friggin’ riot. Obviously some of theses (nail shoes, wire shoes…) are sculptural and meant to make a statement and not to be worn.

    The origami and futuristic shoes are the most interesting as possibly real wearable shoes.

  33. Jessica

    I’ve seen those sneaker heals. They’re so dumb! Stop wearing them! And the others are just pointless. How could you wear them anywhere???

  34. Viewer10169

    lol. Some of it are very nice when viewed in an artistic satndpoint. But, I’ll never be caught dead wearing ANY of them, even if some became seriously popular in the future! ^^

    Personally, I can’t walk in heels higher than 2 inches. They make me go “Oops” :p

  35. Anna Rose

    i like the “glass” ones, love the gold ones! (of course!!!) and the origami ones …but i dont think id figure them out =/
    It always takes some practice wearing high heels.
    And my advice is to be a lady when wearing them- grace and confidence.

  36. Fresh

    Very impressed by the Futuristic Shoes! So simple and organic.

  37. Dana S

    wow… they all look like torture devices for women (OK, for men too :-)

  38. s

    i don’t know why girls always wear high-heeled shoes.it makes our feet uncomfortable.i don’t like it.
    everytime i wear my high heels ,my feet are killing me.so i don’t like it .But sometimes i should wear it when i have important meeting`

  39. Sarah

    Are thses really for real?



  41. vasu

    these shoes comfortable?

  42. jodi

    The hoof shoes are so funny…they would work well with a horse costume for Halloween LOL…Hair shoes …YUCK!..I don’t know about you all but I am forever picking hair OFF of myself…don’t want to purposely put hair on myself besides on my head LOL…nail shoes..would be good for S & M LOL

  43. Mary jane

    Who would want their feet to touch the ground on the toeless shoes?

  44. alina

    the nail heels look painful

  45. TC

    The soleless and toeless shoes are pointless and the rest of them are impractical…

  46. rachel

    wow this is so weird i think tht the worst ones were the horses hooves that is disgusting who wud do something like that and the nail shoes wow i think thats jst scuacidal to ur feet and the high char ones pretty weird if i ever saw someone walking in one of those pairs of shoes wowza

  47. none

    I would totally wear the solid gold shoes :) but some of these shoes are just outragous :(

  48. just commenting

    WOW those hoof shoes are scary!
    I love the soleless ones! I also just think the nail ones are funny but OW! Imagine if you stepped on someones foot :O

    WOW it would be hard to walk in like 90 percent of these!

  49. Lindsey

    Sounds like a bunch of you need an eye exam because those origami shoes are HIDEOUS.

  50. gaby

    thats mad

  51. Raads

    lol @ Lindsey! but havent you guys realised that these shoes are for show?

    get that? FOR SHOW

  52. emma

    glad i’m not wearing those nail heels, even though i know you can’t buy them.

  53. ticklezzz

    ooh! I liked the futuristic shoes! but get a tetanus shot before trying on the nail shoes :S!!

  54. ChEeSe

    hooves are preety cool but the nail shoes were just plain stupid i cant see one reason why ANYONE would were those!! and there werent any guy shoes! right?

  55. Dyohna

    Don’t those nail heels hurt?

  56. emma

    i luv the pink high-heeled sneakers. i wood defo buy them!!!!!!!!!

  57. Sarah

    These are weird! I would NEVER wear these shoes! They look funny though ha!

  58. Monica

    The collection is madness. The gold shoe and the metal shoe are the best. The glass one is also fantastic.

  59. Mandy

    Im researching for a new product in the market for tall women 5″8+ whom are conscious about their height therefore dont wear high heels. Despite this high heels are beautiful and many tall people want to wear them.(Research shows) I researching currently on the foot science behind it. I want to come up with a fashionable shoes that have the same look as high heels. It sounds crazy but thats the secret.

  60. mariciela davidson

    oh those are all wonderful shoes please ship the collection if possible jp

  61. cool gal

    weirdest shoes i’ve EVER seen. And nail shoes…OUCH!

  62. Marybrev

    I seriously doubt the nail shoes are meant for walking (wink wink nudge nudge). I Love every wierd design. Especially the moderns. I’d love to see them on a foot.

  63. jamonika

    i like the high chair shoes

  64. Jacqui

    Bravo to the creators of these amusing inventions!! 2 thumbs up

  65. Mickey

    I like the nail shoes. Be a good way to keep your woman on her toes.

  66. Sabina Sabique

    As a crossdresser I love all these wonderful footwear ideas!

  67. jennybee

    The hoof shoes are disgusting-but I think that was the point. And the toenails on the high chair shoe-lol

  68. Toni

    I love the sneaker high heels. In fact I have a pair that are Nike high heels! The ones in the picture look ridiculous but I would still rock them :-) I want those glass shoes!

  69. zaty

    wow some cool shoes.

  70. Jazz

    Love the origami, gold and hoof shoes

  71. Ella

    I like the sneaker shoes. And not to be rude, but you are all idiots you can’t bye these shoes quit talking about wearing the nail shoes. Some of you are smart enough to know these are for show. Yet some of you aren’t grasping the concept of ART! Being an artist myself these are all interesting, some gross, but all the same a fantastic way for these people to show their unique style.

  72. Sandra

    Love the shoes, although some look unbearable let alone unwearable. But I must ask if the hoof shoes are sold in any stores? we are big animal lovers and as long as no animals were hoofless due to these, in other words, if they were made with “fake Hoofs”, I would so get a pair in ever color. I feel that more women should dress to fit their personalities instead of hiding behind being politically correct and the approval of their peers. Who cares what others think, after all if society cannot accept you for are, or rather if they cannot accept a mass of people for being real, then something is seriously wrong with society.

  73. minjininjaa

    i like the sneaker ones <333

  74. delight-la

    Oooh, I ADORE the nail heels – they are soo incredibly sexy, like those around-the-finger bracelets!

    And the wireframe too, although the design could be more accentuating of the sensuous curves; as it stands, it seems a bit pedestrian (pun intended).

    I am going to find those futuristic shoes!

  75. Rose

    I love the gold and the glass shoes!

  76. Michelle

    the uncomfortble looking ones and the one that looks hurtful are wireframe shoes, toeless shoes, nail heels (EWWWWWW) looks nasty but cool and soleless shoes. and the hair shoes look itchy, i really like the glass, gold, and metal

  77. Rebecca

    non of these shoes except for the glass shoes look smart! these designers must want the world of woman in feet pain!

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