15 Examples of Modern Web Design

15 Examples of Modern Web Design

The flexibility of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allows web developers to design stunning websites that look great and are easy to navigate.

This post features our favorite examples of beautiful and creative website designs from all over the world.

01 – Vyniknite – http://www.vyniknite.sk


02 – Creative Spaces – http://www.creativespaces.net.au

Creative Spaces

03 – Pigeon and Pigeonette – http://www.pigeonandpigeonette.com

Pigeon and Pigeonette

04 – Andreas Hinkel, Celtic FC – http://www.andreashinkel.com

Andreas Hinkel, Celtic FC

05 – Squared Eye – http://www.squaredeye.com

Squared Eye

06 – Tea Round App – http://www.tearoundapp.com

Tea Round App

07 – Doug Menezes – http://douglasmenezes.com/wp/

Doug Menezes

08 – Shannon Moeller – http://www.shannonmoeller.com

Shannon Moeller

09 – Kyan Media – http://www.kyanmedia.com

Kyan Media

10 – BlackMoon – http://blackmoondev.com


11 – Orman Clark – http://www.ormanclark.com

Orman Clark

12 – Carsonified Events – http://events.carsonified.com/fowa

Carsonified Events

13 – Juan Diego Velasco – http://www.juandiegovelasco.com

Juan Diego Velasco

14 – JOE NYAGGAH – http://danjoedesign.com


15 – Carsonified – http://www.carsonified.com


  1. Megan

    It has been a while since you guys had a web design post! I am glad these posts are back and want to see more of them in the future.

  2. tech-mad

    i can’t choose any favs! they’re all great in their own way!

  3. Yuu

    Nice! I like seeing web designs with CSS instead of massive amounts of flash for a change.

  4. Web Design Lebanon

    Nice list. CSS is search engine friendly and Flash is not all evil! it can provide a rich user experience. The important thing is to find the balance to meet your target audience expectations.

  5. Mondo Print

    Web Design. Hooray! Thanks for sharing these. I agree with tech-mad. It’s hard to pic a favorite.

  6. Dan Black

    Great Post! keep it up!

  7. RK

    “Hi! My name is so and so and I’m a cliche!”

  8. Kelsey

    These are all beautiful. I wish I could design like that.

  9. Arek

    Hm, Kyan Media looks a lot like Skype – coincidence?

  10. frank katzer

    nice selection – also very different but all modern examples – thanks!

  11. tolin

    this web is cool..

  12. mark

    While some of these layouts are interesting, the content is incredibly busy–some I’d describe as messy.

    Most of them (I clicked thru about half before getting bored and annoyed) use the current trend of wasting screen real estate with enormous headers that push the content off the screen. Scrolling down to see more content is fine for actual content pages but on homepages–which are essentially linkpages to the rest of a site–should make finding content easy–not complicate it by forcing you to scroll to find the links to the content. *shrug*

    Even the cleanest design–joe nyaggah–forced me to scroll down because I thought there was more to the homepage only to find–nothing. Just the bottom of the image (to say nothing of the fact that I have no idea what joe does from his homepage. Is he an artist? designer? a firm? a personal page?

    sorry. this group doesn’t work for me.

  13. John (Human3rror)

    awesome. love that cow too.

  14. Josh of Cubicle Ninjas

    Beautiful list! Very inspiring.

  15. Vishnu H (Kerala)

    Really great list. Love all those wonderful designs, and I tweeted it from Delicious Hotlist, and got 3 re-tweets within 10 minutes!

  16. naveed ahmad

    some really new stuff here..i am thinking whats gona come next after all this..where will this web 2.0 go :)
    cant wait for future !!!

  17. Ivan | Jobs Blog

    Hard to choose, but Kyan Media stand out as the nicest. Black Moon as the second…

    for 75% of the designs above – I would be happy to replace my curent web site design with! :)

  18. mynameisorman

    Hi, thanks for featuring my site! Some interesting comments here too which I will take note of. Thanks.

  19. Bre

    Cool stuff!!!

    Can someone point me to a good site for CSS/Flash tutorial? Something ‘in 3 days’ or ‘for dummies’…etc :)

  20. Robert Foxx

    @mark – agreed. The current swing back to giant headers (we went through this five or six years ago) coupled with the emergence of netbooks (with smaller screens) as a popular way to access the net demonstrates that most of the designs on this list were put together on hi-res screens without a care in the world. All are great designs for the sake of design, but show me great designs where usability was a consideration and then I’ll be impressed.

  21. Shane

    These are all great website design. Really like the Carsonified website.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Matt Ackerson

    Very high quality website designs. I’m impressed.

  23. John

    I like the internet.

  24. Karin Stewart

    This is the first post on web site design. Glad to see what’s creative out there!

  25. Anthony Altemara

    These designs seem very busy, and not at all content-focused, which is what I would expect to see in modern web design. People don’t have time to hunt for what they need. With mobile browsers, etc… accessing the information.. sites must account for these growing percentages of viewers. It’s not modern unless you can be usable and look good on a netbook and iPhone as well.

    Show me a site that is appealing across a variety of devices AND has the content as the main draw for the eye, THEN I’ll be impressed.

  26. Jabari Holder

    Nice post, they are all well designed and graphically intense but most still have the basics intact which is good. The cow in 11.Orman Clark is kina scary though lol

  27. Robert

    Thanks for featuring our site – the rest of the list is also awesome!. Cheers

  28. bayilik

    I liked CFC and Carsonified WEB very much.

  29. Peach

    All of these sites are awesome. Thanks for sharing. These are all nice and clean.

  30. Doug Bartow

    “modern” ?

    That’s the wrong word here, especially when you are speaking critically on design.

    “contemporary” or “new” would be more appropriate…

    nice work, but not modernity is not represented above.

  31. Sklep wędkarski

    Vyniknite is awesome!

  32. Burukutuk ~

    I don’t like that’s too colourful or too simple. Boring…!
    but love carsonified (only that one) :)

  33. Si Ganteng

    really nice. inspire me..

  34. alberto

    Not impressed.
    Those are beautifully crafted visual designs. But web design is not about “beautifully crafted visual designs” anymore. What about multiple devices? How easy are they to update, to transform, to make them evolve based on the business needs without calling the developer every week and paying for it? It´s nice to see beautiful things, but sometimes it´s also quite unpractical, the beauty has move to the content, to the activity, to the quality of the interaction with the customers. Nice designs but definitely not modern.

  35. J.R. VanWassenhove

    Thanks for posting these. I agree, it’s cool to see good CSS with clean type. I love flash, but these look they’d have much faster load times. Have you ever checked out open source site designs? Similar to these, and great to use as a foundation to build on top of.

  36. claire stokoe

    I do love the Carsonified designs, so fresh and clean. Working with SEO’s i understand that there has to be a meeting of optimisation and design, so many times one wins over.

    great selection

  37. James

    many good ideas

  38. Thomas Craig Consulting

    very nice work and some excellent elements of inspiration, love: Vyniknite, Andreas Hinkel, Celtic FC, and Black Moon. All very well done.

  39. javad pourhosaini

    really so amazingggggggggggggg

  40. Gestalter

    great now i have to re do my website :S

  41. Peter Lewandowski

    Nice collection !

  42. Robbie Douglas

    Some brilliant examples here. Great inspiration!!

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