Flat Shelf


Literal bookshelf made of cut out letters that spell out the word “shelf” folds flat when not in use.

Typeshelf – laser cut stainless steel bookshelf designed by Ufuk Keskin.

Ufuk Keskin

Flat Shelf

Type Shelf

Literal Shelf

Shelf Shelf

Ufuk Keskin Shelf

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  1. Ádám

    I’d wonder if the lasercutted bridges of which are holding the letters are enough strong to hold some books… Run a FEA first to get the answer, but I’m sure it going to bend down. In model it looks nice and shiny, but in reality it will not work.

  2. Alex

    Pretty sure the shelf doesn’t fold flat when not in use; it just comes flat and then you fold it out to install it. If you kept trying to fold it up and then back out you’d break it.

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