Creative Food Art

Creative Food Art

This post showcases beautiful examples of creative food art. Our goal is to prove that it is possible to create amazing art with just simple food ingredients.


Little guitar made from food. [link]


Polenta Art

Example of Polenta Art. [link]

Closeup of Polenta

Windows XP Notebook

Windows XP Notebook made from Japanese food. [link

Windows XP Notebook


Star Wars food art. [link]



All flowers except for the tulips and daffodils are from hard-boiled egg white. Orange tulips and daffodil centers are hand-cut from carrots; red tulips are hand-cut from red pepper. Daffodil petals and the wings of the butterfly are yellow squash. [link]


Watermelon Art

Creative watermelon art. [link]

Watermelon Art


Closeup of Frappuccino made from food. [link]


Terrified Sandwich

Terrified sandwich closeup. [link]

Terrified Sandwich


Canadian goose made from food. [link]


Frog Closeup

Closeup of the tree frog. [link]

Frog Closeup

Watermelon Guy

This little guy is just too cute! [link]

Watermelon Guy

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  1. James

    Another awesome post! Thank You

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  3. key

    Cool!!! but not to eat,no …no …no

  4. allooche

    wow! so cool :)

  5. mike

    So great… but not eat!

  6. gazeteci

    i loved tanks

  7. click

    l cant paint it on a paper. But you are soo talented. bravvo

  8. florence

    cool!! but dun have the heart 2 eat it cos it’s 2 adorable.

  9. yuzuk

    these foods are very colorfull, and everybody want to eat them, this is my idea, and I can eat all of these:)

  10. Yunus Toprak

    I’m hungry :)

  11. Bob


  12. dondurma

    these are looking very delicious, I m hungry now:)

  13. Nina Kuriloff

    My fav of the wonderful food art is the face carved out of watermelon.

  14. lulu

    waooow..very nice =)

  15. navdeep

    i really like all of these… good work

  16. jamaica

    i’m amazed it’s cute…

  17. tabe

    LOL! i’ll definitely wont eat the frog.. nyum nyum for windows xp..

  18. vinod

    nice i llike it

  19. aya

    galing (excellent) great job
    awesome !

  20. Amrix

    hope those are ant- free.. love to display them :)). so creative :)

  21. dave

    oh wow

  22. Alisha

    LOVE IT!!!!

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