Samurai Kitchen Knives

Samurai Kitchen Knives

Creative knives designed to look like traditional Japanese swords that were used by the brave and honorable Samurai warriors.

Beautiful knife set for your kitchen includes four sharp knives and comes with ceremonial presentation stand.

Now you can finally prepare your food the Samurai way! [order]

Samurai Knives

Samurai Kitchen Knife Set

Samurai Kitchen Knife Set

Samurai Knife Set

Samurai Sword Knife

Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife

Samurai Sword Kitchen Knives

Samurai Knife

Samurai Sword Knives

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  1. Jimmy

    Looks pretty neat and stylish haha, people who live in the UK now have a official legal weapon now for the zombie apocalypses ;)

  2. Gert

    Better not let the hubby see these, he’ll want 3 sets. lol

  3. Shilov

    I want!

  4. Ru

    Very cool, but I don’t like long thin knives. I’d rather have a proper Japanese santoku :)

  5. C.H.

    I wish I could buy, but as far as I can tell, no way to get it in USA/America. :( :( :(

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