Sushi Art

Sushi Art

Beautiful and creative sushi art by talented Japanese artist Takayo Kiyota.

Delicious sushi rolls look like adorable creatures and unique works of art.

Sushi Rolls

Sushi Roll Art by Takayo Kiyota

Creative Sushi

Japanese Sushi Art

Japanese Sushi Roll Art

Sushi Rolls by Takayo Kiyota

Creative Sushi Roll Art

Creative Sushi Art


Sushi Roll Art by Tama-chan

Sushi Rolls by Tama-chan

Takayo Kiyota

Creative Sushi Rolls

Sushi Art by Tama-chan

Sushi Art by Takayo Kiyota

Sushi Roll Art

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  1. Betty


  2. Gert

    Plain rice sushi isn’t all THAT tasty but they ARE cute.

  3. Ronny

    loving the one that looks like an iphone!!!!

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