24 Creative Business Card Designs

24 Creative Business Card Designs

Collection of creative business card designs and cool business cards that everyone should see.

01 – AEN Business Card

AEN Business Cards

02 – Deisel Design Business Card

Business cards of all staff members in one small package.

Deisel Design Business Cards

03 – Actual Size Creative Business Card

Actual Size Creative Business Cards

04 – Space 150 Business Card

Space 150 Business Card

05 – Structural Graphics Business Card

Structural Graphics Business Card

06 – Thielen Designs Business Card

Thielen Designs Business Card

07 – Francesca Pasini Business Card

Francesca Pasini Business Card

08 – Studio Nine Business Card

Studio Nine Business Card

09 – The Creative Company Business Card

The Creative Company Business Card

10 – The Church Business Card

The Church Business Card

11 – Creative Suitcase Business Card

Creative Suitcase Business Card

12 – Fifth Floor Gallery Business Card

Fifth Floor Gallery Business Card

13 – Jimmy.la Business Card

Jimmy.la Business Card

14 – Emmi Solonen Business Card

Emmi Business Card

15 – Raeta Estates Business Card

Raeta Estates Business Card

16 – Peanut Business Card

Peanut Business Card

17 – GEYRHALTER DESIGN Business Card


18 – John Bragg Business Card

John Bragg Business Card

19 – Duffy Business Card

Duffy Business Card

20 – Promptt Business Card

Awesome business cards designed by Promptt.

Promptt Business Cards

21 – 0-99 Business Card

0-99 Business Card

22 – Nils von Blanc Business Card

Nils von Blanc Business Card

23 – B. Uhrig & Son Business Card

B. Uhrig and Son Business Card

24 – Space 150 Business Card

Space 150 Business Card

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  1. mike

    #20 is the best!

  2. Managed Services

    03 – Actual Size Creative Business Card Is pretty cool.

  3. Alex Steed

    There are all awesome – except at least half of them I would see in my wallet and think that they were trash.

  4. Bob S.

    I’d love to get a Jimmy.la business card…
    It comes with an iPhone (based on the picture)!

  5. jj

    Art is Art,dates back to caveman days in the caves.
    I rather see this than,the artists who have metal plates fused in their heads with art work dangling above their skulls
    what will it be in the year 3000?

  6. David R.

    If #12 is real wood. I think it has to be the most creative and original.

  7. Timmy

    Yes, agree with Bob S. Jimmy.LA is the way to go since you get the iphone with it. Wonder where he gets the material for that though..

  8. krista ranillo

    i love all of those designs

  9. business

    This remarkable. I can just imagine people getting these cards and telling their friends about it, which is exactly what you should want.

  10. maria

    cool designs!!!

  11. Deion M

    All those great business cards and you spaced on Kevin Mitnick’s? http://www.flickr.com/photos/ranh/106709219/

  12. Omar

    I think there missing the kevin mitnick business card.

  13. subcorpus

    i hope the “designers” do the same creative things for their clients …

  14. mj

    Some brilliant design work, to be sure… but some of the most creative designs are also a bit counter-productive. A block of wood or a peanut not only won’t fit into a rolodex, they aren’t going to get filed anywhere–as is the case with most cards of non-standard size or materials, once you get past the initial “wow” factor, they’ll be in the trash and are unlikely to be where you want your prospect to have them–easily accessible to them.

    Brilliant designs, nonetheless.

  15. Jonny R.

    Way too much sacrifice of functionality and readability in the name of uniqueness or creativity. That is not what design is.

  16. raphal

  17. ak

    Definitely the best looking card I’ve ever seen:


  18. Mark Brown

    very creative designs…. really like number 13.

  19. Krazd

    Good stuff! I wonder how much each of these costs to make

  20. Derek

    About these not fitting in a roladex, or going to the trash… Im a designer and I have plenty of very creative business cards and no roladex. I just find a creative way to keep them.

    As to cost, some of these with crazy die-cuts would be very expensive. My personal business card has a Die-Cut and 1000 cost me $500, and its simple. A bunch look hand made so those would be very cheap. Also I priced a metal die-cut business card for a client once, they turned it down because the die alone was going to cost $2500.

  21. Chuck


    rolodex? really?

  22. Kyle

    hahaha, who the hell uses a rolodex?

    Quit being such a square mj

  23. Anonymous

    Pretty cool. My favorite would have to be #10

  24. Wishlist Fairy

    I never thought I would see so many different ideas for business cards.

    Some of these are amazing!

  25. erichansa

    Surely makes my card look boring!

  26. Blake

    Are there firms specializing in printing/building these alternative designs or are they all made by the designers?

  27. Adam Morse

    I am supposed to sit down this weekend and design two sets of business cards, so this was a perfectly timed post.

  28. United Voices

    These business card designs are quite good. But I also think that it should be practical too. I liked the design of the fifthfloorgallery.com

  29. Rob

    Surely I thought my design was decent for my business card, but these are just amazing.

  30. Ken

    Good selection! Some concepts are pretty awesome and daring. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Tech Blog

    Really great and design nice card was awesome, and surely my card design would be great too…

  32. JimmyLA

    Wow! Thanks for the mention, Toxel!

    To answer some of the questions… you don’t get a free iphone with my card, I was using it to show the transparency. (lol.. yes, I know it was a joke)

    While I can’t vouch for any of the other cards here, I can say that my cards were printed at PlastekCards.com for about a dollar a piece.

    It sounds expensive, but when I hand people this card they say “wow!” and hold on to it. It may not be today or tomorrow, but somewhere down the line someone they know will need web work, and they’ll have my card. This is also why I made sure mine would fit in a wallet.

    It’s working… I have to turn away business daily. My phone rings a few times a day now, thanks to this Toxel thread.

    Anyways, I appreciate it! You have a new reader.


  33. Dairyman

    I have never seen so many varieties of business cards. Two men are not alike and your cards would definitely cater to different taste buds :)

  34. Roy

    That was the #1 B-card

  35. Ivan Cash

  36. francesca

    thanks for posting my business card, i made the one in fabric and i think it’s the poorest one!here there are some masterpiece!
    i haven’t spent any money it’s all made by old stuff from my mother’s fabric collection…i made them just for fun but i’m happy if anyone enjoys them!
    (sorry for my bad english)

  37. ramin rahdar

    very nice

  38. d52

    very nice. Good job thanks

  39. The Ad Mad

    ahhh some of those papers are awesome! Wish it didn’t cost a fortune to do that kind of cards :S

  40. morayakizi

    wooww awesome and my favorite one is the number 23. can you imagine this original idea. all things is for kids:)

  41. PJH

    all good – love the domino’s

  42. Viridiana

    Very nice and usefull, GOOD.

  43. Jazhara7

    Francesca, I think your card is awesome. It’s simple, doesn’t cost you much, but is still effective. It’s different from the norm, so it catches the eye, and that’s the point of having a creative business card. Very nice!

    – :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  44. Rob

    Quite a few of these look like they may have come from PlasmaDesign in the UK. The translucent plastic card looks very similar to the examples on http://www.plasmadesign.co.uk/plasticbusinesscards.htm and I believe they might have manufactured Kevin Mitnicks card too.

  45. sakato design

    very interesting!

    thank you!

  46. mike

    #12, where can i get this done?

  47. web tasarımı

    thanks for inspiration

  48. Calvin Cox

    Awesome collection: I haven’t been that excited about redoing my business cards or talking about creative design for business cards since getting so involved in social media; but this is a great list to bookmark for some great ideas. Thank you for posting this.

  49. koSkesh

    kirom too i design!

  50. melin_flamenco

    i dont get it.. they look inappropriate

  51. tasarimci

    agree with Bob S. Jimmy.LA is the way to go since you get the iphone with it. Wonder where he gets the material for that though..

  52. kirtasiye

    ahhh some of those papers are awesome! Wish it didn’t cost a fortune to do that kind of cards :S

  53. CreditBestMan

    Great info on business cards…its given me some great ideas. Thanks

  54. ingilizce

    very creative designs…. really like number 13.

  55. Donald

    There are some nice ideas here. It’s too bad that die cuts are so prohibitively expensive. They could work great for a designer’s self promotion, though.

    The first (un-numbered) card is cliche, but a good cliche. Cards that have a use to the contact are more likely not to get tossed so quickly.

    The domino card is cute, but useless.

    Toxel.com is a wonderful source for ideas. Keep these coming!

  56. Nate

    Can any Russian speakers here translate the scribbled writing on #21?

  57. baba

    Very nice and usefull, GOOD.

  58. email search

    I had one from a credit card systems guy that looked like a credit card.

    I had a metal one with a folding knife in it from a customer, but they took it away at the airport.

    I also had a ‘wooden nickel’ one from a guy in the Midwest.

  59. loca65

    How much do people pay to have someone build them a business card? I need some ball park rates for custom made designs if anyone can help?


  60. loca65

    I forgot…thanks for the inspiration. I enjoyed the way you laid out the images and the wisdom of good design ideas-clean, clear and creative.

  61. xcentr

    very nice

  62. en güzel kız oyunları

    these are very interesting, thanks for these photos :)

  63. Clinton Bal

    The AEN Business Card is my favorite…it has given me a great idea for my business.

  64. GraphicFusion Design

    I love it, i think i like the floor plan or the russian one the most. Great designs!

  65. Pedro Assumpção

    Very good collection. Congratulations.

  66. Trendlike

    Very nice, thanks for this!

  67. Marc

    Good Idee and nice!

  68. barbara

    Are this a Muster? Can every one buy ist every where?

  69. Mary

    Great Design, the second is very nice.

  70. Balance Transfer

    You should also check out Kevin Mitnick’s lockpick business card, quite possibly the coolest one I’ve seen yet.

  71. yomi sopein

    this cards set you APART they are highly creative,full of ingenuity,i like them all, especially #1,2,6,14 and 18. they are unique.

  72. paslanmaz

    I didnt see before like Creative Suitcase Business Card,

  73. stefan

    Very cool article! And I like no. 12 ! :D

  74. Stuart

    Big fan of number 13, although I’m surprised the Kevin Mitnick one isn’t in there…

  75. Asha

    All Designs are great…But care must be taken that they fit in the folder, for future refrence.

  76. Matt T

    These are some of the coolest business cards I’ve ever seen! I would take any of them. Will have to find somehwere that can produce these in Australia.

  77. Rizi

    I like your designs very much i am also a graphic designer but i think u are the best

  78. halı yıkama

    Functionality and readability in the name of uniqueness or creativity

  79. Wrought Iron Furniture

    I like #13 the best with the iphone under it!

  80. Catherine Than

    I’m a graphic design student and I have to thank you so much because all these designs inspire me a lot on my final year project~!

  81. Andrew

    The one thing I learned here: Translucent plastic cards automatically look cool.

  82. Eoin

    I design business cards and I have been given some good inspiration from these. Very useful post indeed. Thanks a mil.

  83. dragos

    It’s amazing! Incredible, indeed. Thanks for what I saw here. Good work!

  84. youngin`

    …. the fu** were they on when they came up with the peanut idea?? :P

  85. Andrew

    It’s just amazing how a crisp clear font and a dash of creative genius can invoke emotions and project the intended image of professionalism.

    Little works of art the lot of them.

  86. Georgina

    Francesca….. Your card is not the poorest one shown… Very innovative and awesome. I plan to make something similar as it is a very very eye catching design. Good job!

  87. Rebecka Helweg

    love your site

  88. Rajendra Sureliya

    all the designs are creative & classic

  89. Sharelle

    #1 One is the best. Every business owner is looking for a card no one would throw away. People will play with it measuring thing and use it when they can’t find a ruler. I am going to try a design similar to this now.

  90. Danny

    #6 is a great concept. Although I think that most on there are absolute works of art. Will definitely keep them in mind for inspiration moving forwards.

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