40 Creative Business Card Designs

Creative Business Card Designs

Unique and creative business card designs from all over the world.

01 – Emerson Taymor Business Card

Emerson Taymor Business Card

02 – Pomegranit Business Card

Pomegranit Business Card

03 – Stephanie Towell Business Card

Stephanie Towell Business Card

04 – Murillo Design Business Card

Murillo Design Business Card

05 – Ken Speckle Gifts Business Card

Ken Speckle Gifts Business Card

06 – rfrecords Business Card

rfrecords Business Card

07 – Rubber Band Business Card

Rubber Band Business Card

08 – Piano Repair Business Card

Piano Repair Business Card

09 – elkha Business Card

elkha Business Card

10 – Viewzi Business Card

Viewzi Business Card

11 – Bright Corner Business Card

Bright Corner Business Card

12 – Yuka Suzuki Business Card

Yuka Suzuki Business Card

13 – Flow Yoga Business Card

Flow Yoga Business Card

14 – Thomas Wood Products Business Card

Thomas Wood Products Business Card

15 – Greek Restaurant Business Card

Greek Restaurant Business Card

16 – Debt Recovery Agent Business Card

Debt Recovery Agent Business Card

17 – il progetto Business Card

il progetto Business Card

18 – Elevator Business Card

Elevator Business Card

19 – Justin Anonuevo Business Card

Justin Anonuevo Business Card

20 – Sean M. Kinney Business Card

Sean M. Kinney Business Card

21 – Joe Duffy Business Card

Joe Duffy Business Card

22 – Wunderburg Design Business Card

Wunderburg Design Business Card

23 – Junge Schachtel Business Card

Junge Schachtel Business Card

24 – Paul Nielsen Personal Trainer Business Card

Paul Nielsen Personal Trainer Business Card

25 – Celia Keyworth’s Food Business Card

Celia Keyworths Food Business Card

26 – Richard E. Smith Business Card

Richard E. Smith Business Card

27 – JWB Business Card

JWB Business Card

28 – Dave Blank Business Card

Dave Blank Business Card

29 – Be Positive Design Business Card

Be Positive Design Business Card

30 – Dreamten Studios Business Card

Dreamten Studios Business Card

31 – xplicit Business Card

xplicit Business Card

32 – Victoria Vaughan Business Card

Victoria Vaughan Business Card

33 – Howl Fire Business Card

Howl Fire Business Card

34 – Manicurist Business Card

Manicurist Business Card

35 – Ramesh Sharma Post Marriage Counseling Business Card

Ramesh Sharma Post Marriage Counseling Business Card

36 – Steven Belkowitz Business Card

Steven Belkowitz Business Card

37 – Cehovin Eduard Business Card

Cehovin Eduard Business Card

38 – 350mldesign Business Card

350mldesign Business Card

39 – Visual Dialogue Business Card

Visual Dialogue Business Card

40 – Chris Fisher Business Card

Chris Fisher Business Card

Kevin Mitnick Business Card

40 Creative Business Card Designs

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  1. Justine

    Great business cards! Bookmarked for future reference.

  2. Conor

    Where does one go to get some of these really OUT THERE designs for business cards? Stuff like the metal ones and the see-through plastic ones and that stretchy one for the personal trainer? I’ve searched around for sites that design these kinds of biz cards, but all I get are blog posts like this one. :P

  3. pinkpetrol.com

    Some amazing business cards, I would love to see some of the printing costs for some of these!

    Love the greek one, very original.

  4. MAx

    Great ideas! Very impressive, maybe some a little unconfortable to keep in the pocket :)

  5. izmild

    Awesome! But it should keep with lovely!

  6. Jorge

    Very cool. Love the Emerson Taymor Business Card.

  7. David Hellmann

    i love the dreamteam card. NICE!!!

  8. Kevin May

    Yeah I’ve seen a lot of these, only one I’m not sure about is the 3rd one… what is so creative about that one? Very creative individuals indeed.

  9. Tom

    About half of these are gimmicks, not business cards.

  10. chloe


  11. Derek

    Conor, consult a design firm. I have designed and printed some interesting business cards for clients on special paper, with embossing, and die-cuts etc. It isnt cheap.

  12. jess Woods

    Wow, Mitniks card rocked! Looks to be very functional as the bottom one can be bent and used as a tension bar! Very nice! Would love to have one.


  13. evs

    Awesome ideas, gotta bookmark this for when I actually get around to making cards myself.

  14. M3 Printing

    Very, very, interesting / cool.

  15. Mr3dPHD

    The 8th one down (piano repair) is the best one…by FAR! GREAT job on that one!!

  16. Taylor

    Embossing/Die-cuts are by no means cheap, but jeez some of these must have been expensive. Well worth it.

  17. Dainis Graveris

    few are new even for me..:) nice.

  18. Unclemantis

    I wish that each card told who created each one and what the total price was. I am actually looking for a mantis theme.

  19. Rob

    I believe the guys at http://www.plasmadesign.co.uk/plasticbusinesscards.htm are responsible for printing the DreamTen cards.

  20. Takashi Kusuma

    Not bad cards

  21. Brandon Cox

    Makes me want to act on my idea to use styrofoam, bamboo shoots, and jello for my business card…

  22. Queenie

    This is really cool. I like those designs..

  23. frank

    I posted a task on laptask.com for creative biz card designs like this….

    fifty dollar price….

  24. Steve

    To be fair, some of them are pretty normal and boring… maybe 10 out of the 40 stand out as being original and creative.

  25. Nikki

    These are some fantastic ideas. Business cards can really help sell your company. One key to marketing is memorization and creating a memory with a really creative business card is a great marketing tool and will surely help sell a product or service. Only bad part is that it must be expensive to print cards on wood or plastic or x-ray paper.

  26. marc

    the personal trainer and mitnick cards are fantastic!

  27. sean chapman

    im surprised the lego company wasnt on here. i saw a video on gizmodo where the people that work at the lego headquarters factory have little lego men that look like them with their name and number on it. and they use those as their bussiness cards

  28. Steve

    I love the Ramesh Sharma one. Very clever.

  29. avn.rocky

    wow! that’s really great,

  30. Vincent

    Some of them are just awesome !
    #23 is my favorite : Junge Schachtel Business Card

  31. Patareco

    Nice designs! Might snag some ideas! =P

  32. James

    Very good design, very original. All website.


  33. Segmadis

    Damn there are few very good ideas here…I really liked all of them but few of them are really something with idea inside… thanks alot for this :)

  34. Omnarch1de

    I don’t see why some goton here,but i love alot of them!

  35. David Eisaiah Engel

    I’ve got a business card design that could qualify here. Check it out, it’s on the home page of my San Diego advertising agency’s website, Mentastone.

    It’s a normal card that has a printed link to my vCard online. It even gives instructions on how to download and save the vCard in Outlook.

    I think this is much more functional than the cards on this site. Although all the cards on the site are very entertaining… and memorable.

  36. Arjen

    Awesome! Having a creative business card is so good for your business!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  37. maxim

    Nice designs and cool ideas!


  38. sayyed noman

    very nice

  39. Yuuzaa

    very inspired ! thanks for sharing :)

  40. WentPlatinum

    Some are geared toward name recollection… that is a wonderful idea! so many people are bad with names and getting a business card that says Hello My Name is bl_ank from Dave Blank #28 would be a grand reminder! I love this idea and have already come up with a few design ideas for myself.
    My favorite by far is the little bitty yoga mat though lol

  41. Moonman

    What a GREAT inspiring set of cards! Of course, some of them are “gimmick-y”, that’s the general idea: get them to KEEP your card…make other people NOTICE.

    And the cost? What price success? If one card works and gets you a single job, then the whole batch has been paid for!

  42. Sureng

    These cards are encouraging. Now make a similar.
    Thanks for the great posts!

  43. Ennis

    Amazing designs!

    Which font is it on Justin Anonuevo’s Business Card? Is it on dafont.com?

  44. Print Matt

    Great collection. Lots of my favorites.

  45. ixjaneix

    that was great! i really love all the outputs of the business cards.

    i wish i can think an amazing business cards like yours.

    great imagination.

  46. sam_khrap

    nice collection ;)

  47. danielvicente

    there were a few i dont think are that good but some other look awesome while the other ones were incredibly clever

  48. lily

    you can get cards like this at moo.com

  49. Skip

    great imagination, nice collection, pricy and yes gimmick-y. Kind of a downer if if their cards were better than their work…huh?

  50. culasercom

    Some of designs are very old. I have seen them before. Paper cards looks a little bit cheaper than metal business cards.

  51. Susan Hoover

    What creativity! It’s limitless, challenging, entertaining – thought provoking.

  52. The Pro Designer

    awesome round up of business cards. Thanks for sharing this!

  53. Anne Poitrineau

    Looks like creativity is not confined to the cards. Could it be it is also used to get our email addresses in order to spam us? if that’s the case, fair play, cos these cards are great!

  54. zim zim

    Great designs.
    Thank you for taking the time to post this

  55. diwhflq

    Great designs.
    Thank you for taking the time to post this

  56. adriana

    once i got a business card from this guy that was printed on gum! coolest thing everrrrrrrr. i ate it though :)

  57. Tony Abila

    Smart Stuff!! :))

  58. xqspx

    #13 #20 #24 are great.
    Liked a lot almost all of them.

  59. Cardview

    Great inspiration! Thanks!

  60. DIpen Joshi

    awesome yar…

  61. Matthew Egan

    These cards are fantastic!!!! Creative business cards help clients and new business contacts truly remember who you are. Cheers.

  62. Khong Lee

    Cool. Very creative

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