Pizza Flags

Pizza Flags

Series of edible pizza flags made by Jen from Tiny Urban Kitchen food blog.

Jen decided to reflect upon the last decade of travel by recreating the flags of visited countries as pizzas.

Flag Pizzas


Japan Flag Pizza


Canada Flag Pizza

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Flag Pizza


Italy Flag Pizza


USA Flag Pizza

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  1. Yen

    Is creative but once saw this and i don’t feel like eat this. HAHAHA..

  2. Horrificus

    What are those blue things on the american flag?

  3. The Guy

    Most likely all the blue is somehow dyed. Cool idea.

  4. steven

    wats the blue stuff?

  5. Mapache

    Blue tainted stuff.

  6. Patrick

    The blue stuff is blue(purple) potatoes. Sometimes the “via” link is helpful…

  7. Sharyn

    The blue stuff is blue potato according to the recipes. I can’t say I’ve ever seen them in Australia, but I guess they’re some sort of sweet potato.


    Blue potatoes not sweet!

  9. chazzzz

    at last someone has found a use for the blue potatoes, super idea, well done you, lov it

  10. Jaqi Mugo

    LOL! More :)

  11. Ti @ Cafe

    Blue potato actually taste pretty good. They taste more like yam than potato.

  12. Art of Concept

    I’d say presentation is important in food, especially if you’re building a concept…some ingredients looks a bit messy (like in the Italian flag), like prepared in a rush for the photos…in fact I’m not even getting hungry :D

  13. Boltster

    Canada looks yummy

  14. eally

    kinda looks like something a kid would do (which i say because i did this as a kid….)

  15. enav

    Canada and UK are nice

  16. Silvia

    I would eat the UK :-p

  17. doc

    here, in Italy, an usual common is “food isn’t a toy”
    or “don’t playing with food!”.
    this is a game and an offence for people doesn’t have food enough.

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