Folding Rocking Chair

Folding Rocking Chair

Inspired by real human needs, comfortable rocking chair that folds flat offers a unique floating design and exceptional functionality.

The Rocking Nest Chair designed by Anker Bak is a testament to folding innovation and human-centric design.

Inspired by his sister’s need for a cozy spot to relax with her newborn, Bak made a chair that blends multiple materials into an organic silhouette.

Perfect for urban living, its clever folding mechanism allows the chair to flatten easily for compact storage.

Folding Rocking Chair epitomizes minimalism and quality craftsmanship, reinterpreting Danish design heritage for modern interiors.

Foldable Rocking Chair

Anker Bak’s design philosophy emphasizes practical solutions inspired by personal experiences.

Anker Bak Folding Rocking Chair

Unlike traditional rocking chairs, the Rocking Nest Chair can be easily folded flat, making it ideal for small living spaces.

In just a few simple steps, rocking chair can be flattened and stored away.

Fold Rocking Chair

Anker Bak, an advocate of nomadic living and adaptive design, ensured that the chair meets the demands of modern living.

Rocking Folding Chair

The folding mechanism of the Rocking Nest Chair represents cutting-edge design, making it more advanced than standard rocking chairs.

Anker Bak Rocking Nest Chair

Folding Rocking Chair supports various sitting positions, enhancing relaxation and making sure that every moment spent in it is restful.

Rocking Nest Chair

Ergonomic design ensures that it provides optimal support, perfect for nursing mothers relaxing after a long day.

Nest Rocking Chair

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