Ferrari V4 Concept Motorcycle

Ferrari Motorcycle

Interesting Ferrari motorcycle concept by Israeli industrial designer Amir Glinik based on the engine of a Ferrari Enzo car.

Using drive-by-wire technology, the V4 superbike features hand controls adapted from an F-16 fighter jet and buttons based on those found on the steering wheel of Ferrari’s Formula 1 racecars. Other controls for the sound system and trip computer are located on an all weather touchscreen.

Ferrari V4 Concept Motorcycle 2

Ferrari V4 Concept Motorcycle 3

Ferrari V4 Concept Motorcycle 4

Ferrari V4 Concept Motorcycle 5

Ferrari V4 Concept Motorcycle 6

Ferrari V4 Concept Motorcycle

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  1. Alexius G

    ooooooh……*shudders in delight*
    that is one sleek machine…a bit too sleek, maybe? it looks so smooth, I’d be afraid of sliding off it mid-wheelie!!

  2. Yuce Zerey

    awesome, it s really awesome

  3. ali ihsan

    ohh … super desing .. nice , is t sell ?

  4. Dainis Graveris

    Amazing, man!! great one!!

  5. J3T

    It could cure cancer, end world hunger, and determine a flat tax….but it still looks as though it fell out of the ugly tree, hitting every branch on the way down, and then have the tree fall over on top of it. A bike should not look as though its designers based it off of Gene Simmons tongue.

  6. design

    That is an amazing motorcycle. Time to start saving…

  7. scott d

    @j3t: everyone knows that the government is supposed to do all those things…or the gene simmons tongue you referred to can as well. this bike is stunning and creative. it should be for the price. enjoy it and go pick your significant other up from that ugly tree you mentioned.

  8. tasarimci

    oooffff number one….

  9. fabrice

    this motorcycle is the best thing i ever seen since,
    the KENEDA motorcycle in AKIRA
    beautiful job!


    plz can u gift me this bike . i wil take care of it just like baby. man it’s mind blowing . if it’s possible bring this in india on december in auto show.

  11. Shaun

    Would rather see it in action before saying how good it is, someones been watching batman much.

  12. mod jeans

    it bike not for earth becous it bike made for only lord

  13. Ade Triwinarno

    It’s very amazing

  14. Josh

    That looks like the most uncomfortable bike in the world. I’m sure 0-top speed would be fun once or twice but after that it would just sit. Give me my old Honda Magna V4. That I can ride for days.

  15. Dejenay Harns

    this is the coolest motorcycle ever iv been dreaming of a motorcycle like this since I seen an animated one in “teen titans” (Robin’s bike) amazing

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